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Smore’s Cake

Last week I wrote a post about Nutty’s camping birthday party.  In that post I told you that her giant smore’s cake needed a post of it’s own.  Now you’ll know why…

Giant Smore's Cake

As I said in my previous post, this cake took me two days to make, was a little hard, and wasn’t very practical but it looked awesome and the girls loved it.  The real instructions on how to make this giant smore’s cake can be found on Not Just A Housewife.  I won’t steel her post.  I will, however, tell you how making my cake went…

giant smore's cakeUnlike the original cake, I started out making two vanilla cakes. I surprised myself on how well they turned out (i.e. I got them out of the pan without ruining them). I also surprised myself on how I was able to level them (no photo, sorry).  Between my cake layers I put marshmallow fluff creme.

giant smores cakeThis is where my first problems came in.  The chocolate chips melted just fine but I quickly realized I didn’t have a cookie sheet quite as large as I wanted.  Oh well, my round pizza sheet worked just fine…
giant smore's cake

If I didn’t have a cookie sheet large enough for my chocolate, I certainly didn’t have a sheet large enough for my graham cracker dough! Luckily I was able to bend the edges straight again right after I pulled it out of the oven.

After everything was baked and melted, I put the two layers of cake with the marshmallow fluff in the middle and the rest of the ingredients in the fridge for the night. In the morning, I discovered that most of the marshmallow fluff leaked out of the edges of the cake because of the weight of the top layer. Oh well, I stuffed it back in and proceeded to assemble the cake just before the party.
giant smore's cake Nutty LOVED showing off her cake and the holes in the graham cracker top fit her candles perfectly. However…remember I said the cake wasn’t practical? Yeah…cutting it was a chore. The graham cracker crust and the chocolate were both hard! It probably would have been good to take the cake out of the fridge a few minutes before we cut it.giant smore's cake

The graham cracker layers tasted great but there was just too much of it. The girls didn’t like that the chocolate was so hard. The middle layer cake though was a huge hit!

Would you make a giant smore’s cake for your child’s birthday party?


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