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Simple Bowling Game

A few days ago my girls played the “I’m bored” card on me yet again.  All the suggestions I gave the came back as “no”.  It was a beautiful day outside so I wanted to keep them in the fresh air.

simple bowling game

Searching through my garage for some thing new to do, I spotted some water bottles and a ball…bowling!

simple bowling game

I grabbed six water bottles (because that’s all I had), put x’s on the driveway where the water bottles should go.

simple bowling game

Then I drew a line a few feet away so the girls knew where to stand.  I let them go at it and they had a TON of fun!  They spent a good hour to hour-and-a-half bowling!

simple bowling game

Here’s a hint for you though…if you are bowling up the driveway (toward the garage) make sure the garage door is shut or you’ll have to keep retrieving the ball from under the car!

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