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Paint Blot Butterflies

The weather is slowly getting warmer and plants are beginning to bloom. That means we’ll have butterflies hanging around before we know it! Tottie and I decided to do a paint blot butterfly craft to make our kitchen look a little more like spring.

Paint Blot Butterfly

She had so much fun making these that she made four of them to hang on our patio window.

To make your own you’ll need:

  • construction paper
  • paint
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners
  • paint brushes (optional because you can use your fingers)

How to make a paint blot butterfly

Start by folding the paper in half then cutting it in half a butterfly shape.

paint blot butterfly

Paint on only half of the butterfly. Tottie liked to do just polka dots but lines and squiggles would look good too!

paint blot craft

Once you have half the butterfly painted, fold it back in half and press all over it so that the paint from one side transfers to the other side.

ink blot butterfly

When you open it up again you’ll have paint blots that match on both sides! Make two small holes in the top of the butterfly body and put pipe cleaner through the holes. Fold the pipe cleaner to stay in place for antennas.

As I said before, Tottie had so much fun she made four of them. Here they are:

ink blot craft

Have you done ink blot or paint blot crafts with your kids?


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