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Goodbye Lindsi

A little over a year ago we said goodbye to Lindsi.  A few weeks later, we said hello again.  At that time Lindsi tried to leave but couldn’t, partly because I would’t let her go.
saying goodbye
Now we say goodbye to Lindsi again, this time for good.  It’s been a great year, but one that has not been fulfilling, as far as blogging goes, for Lindsi.  A post by The SITS girls titled 10 Things To Let Go Of On Your Blog In 2014, solidified her feelings that, for her, Toys In The Dryer is becoming more of a burden than a passion.  It is time for her to let go of some of the stress in her life, and this is one thing she needs to let go.  Though Toys In The Dryer sparks ideas for doing things with her children, the time it takes to post about them is no longer worth the time away from her family.  I understand 100%.

I am extremely sad to see Lindsi leave Toys In The Dryer.  We have had a lot of fun working together and we’ve learned more than we ever thought we would about each other through it.  In a lot of ways it has strengthened our already wonderful friendship.  However, because of that friendship, I can no longer ask her to stay for selfish reasons.

2013-11-22 19.21.28

I am in a better and more comfortable position to fully take over this year than I was last year.  Though I still feel like Toys In The Dryer is both of ours, I am prepared to try it solo.  A few minor things will change, such as posting a little less (after all, there’s only on of us now), but I hope to continue most of the great things we started together.

For the next month or so, you’ll see a few posts written by Lindsi show up as I use some of the posts she had already written in draft.  After that, she may pop in every rare once in a while to say hi–just often enough so that you guys don’t forget about her 🙂

Lindsi will be missed in so many ways here at Toys In The Dryer.  Please leave her a comment below showing her that she will be loved even though she is leaving.

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