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Fairy Bread and Tea

fairy bread and teaIt’s time for a fairy tea party!

My girls love to have tea parties and having a fairy one is no exception!

Tottie was feeling a bit down on herself the other day because Nutty was in school and she wasn’t.  To help her feel better, I had a fairy tea party with her.  I really didn’t do anything special.  I simply made fairy bread and some “fairy tea”, picked a few flowers, put on some fairy wings, and set up a little “party” on the table outside.  It was enough to make her extremely happy (and make Nutty jealous when she got home from school).

Fairy BreadFairy bread is super easy to make and is something I learned about from my Australian friends.  It is a treat typically served at children’s parties though the origin is not quite known (at least by my friends).  To make it:

1)  Spread a thin layer of butter over white bread

2)  Cover the buttered bread with small, multi-colored sprinkles

3)  Cut the bread into 4 triangles and serve.

fairy tea

The “tea” is actually a simple punch recipe I grew up with but Tottie thought it was pretty magical because of the turning colors and “it looks like a flower”.  To make it:

1)  Pour Lemon/Lime Soda into your tea cup until 3/4 full

2)  Use a melon ball scoop to scoop up a small amount of raspberry sherbet (or which ever flavor you want)

3)  Carefully put the sherbet into the middle of the cup of soda and serve.

It’s that simple to make Fairy Bread and Tea for your fairy tea party!

fairy bread

Tottie said her fairy wings kept getting stuck on the chair so she didn’t keep them on long but the tea party was fun anyway.  Do you have tea parties with your kids?


  1. Barbara Forslund says

    Adorable idea!
    Just darling!
    Thank you for such great ideas!

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