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You’ve Been Egged

My family is lucky enough to live in an AWESOME neighborhood. My neighbors regularly get together for fun things and have a minimum of two block parties a year. We could not be happier with where we live.

Because our neighborhood is so fun, a few years ago my girls and I started “You’ve Been Boo’d” at Halloween time. It was a huge success and everyone really got into it. This year we decided to do something different with “You’ve Been Egged!” for Easter.

You've Been Egged

You’ve Been Egged is similar to  Boo’d in the fact that it is still a ding-dong and ditch thing but instead of just leaving treats on your neighbor’s door, you hide eggs in their yard. Both adults and kids can have fun with this. The only problem is hiding the eggs without getting caught!

To “Egg” your neighbors, you’ll need:

  • 10 fillable plastic eggs
  • treats to put in the eggs (candy or non-candy)
  • a copy of the “You’ve Been Egged” sheet (see below to download)

1) Fill the plastic eggs with treats

2) Sneak into a neighbor’s yard and hide the eggs

3) Put the “You’ve Been Egged” sheet in their door

4) Ring the doorbell and run!

Unlike the “You’ve Been Boo’d”, you only “Egg” one neighbor at a time because it takes time to hide the eggs.

Do you think your neighborhood would have fun with this?

Click on the photo below to download.

When downloading make sure you click on this download link and THIS LINK ONLY or you’ll get attacked by a bunch of spammy stuff. The download button is small and below the preview.


You've Been Egged

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