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This Year’s Leprechaun Trap Find–Leprechaun Letter

Last year the girls and I put out a Leprechaun Trap. When they woke up in the morning, they were NOT disappointed that they did not catch a Leprechaun because, instead they found a  Leprechaun letter with gold dollars. I set the bar last year with this Leprechaun trap find!

Leprechaun letter

They were so excited by the Leprechaun letter and coins last year that they decided to do a similar trap in hopes that they would get gold again. They didn’t even want to actually catch a Leprechaun!

Leprechaun letter

Ugh. How was I going to beat the poem and gold?? Come up with another poem! Instead of gold though, I folded dollar bills into clovers. You can find the tutorial on Crafty Journal. Unfortunately I only had 6 dollars instead of 8 so I had to use paper for the stem instead of another dollar.

Leprechaun letter

I thought it was a pretty good idea but my girls were a bit disappointed with this year’s Leprechaun trap find. The Leprechaun didn’t even have to fight his way out. He just put a note in the hole that said the girls were unlucky and that they needed to find new supplies. It’s better than nothing though right??

Leprechaun letter

I have NO CLUE how what I’m going to do next year. Guess I’ll have to come up with yet another Leprechaun letter and some more loot.

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