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13 Unique Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

Over the past two years we’ve give you 25 non-basket Easter basket ideas, and 50 things (other than candy) to put in your child’s Easter basket. This year we’ll focus on the eggs that either get hidden or that go in you child’s basket with 13 unique non-candy Easter egg fillers.

non candy Easter egg ideas

1. Lego pieces to a set

Buy a new Lego set and break it up into the eggs. Once all the eggs are found, they can put the set together.

2. Gift certificates to local stores

Give a gift certificate to a toy store or clothing store.

3. Homemade fruit snacks

A healthy treat for your kids to eat.

4. Seeds

Have fun planting flowers once your Easter celebrations are done.

5. Resurrection eggs

Remember the real reason we celebrate Easter.

6. Craft supplies

Glitter glue, beads, mini markers, cut out shapes…anything you can use for crafting.

7. Gift certificates to do something fun with mom/dad/grandma/grandpa

Make your own gift certificates for things such as “good for one trip to the park with mom” or “good for one movie with Grandpa”

8. Ear buds

A life saver for you when your kids want to play with their electronics!

9. Dental floss

Because you know they will get some candy this Easter

10. Bird sead

Don’t forget to keep feeding the birds this spring!

11. Puzzle pieces

Buy a new puzzle and put the pieces in the eggs. Once all the eggs are found, you can put the puzzle together.

12. Homemade dehydrated fruit

Another healthy (and sweet) treat to eat!

13. Photo of something redeemable for the real thing

Have something to give that doesn’t fit in an egg? Take a photo of it and put it in the egg!

What other non-candy Easter egg fillers do you put in your eggs?


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