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Uninterrupted Family Movie Night #spon

Turn up your volume for this post because what you don’t hear is the key…

Growing up, Friday night was family movie night in my house. Still today, my parents watch a movie together every Friday night. Heaven forbid my sister and I (or anyone) call during movie time and interrupt it. “You know it’s movie night don’t you? I’ll call you back when the movie is over.”

Now that I have my own kids, we do family movie nights. We don’t do them every week, but we do have them regularly. Again, Heaven forbid something/someone interrupt our movie.

One thing that used to interfere with our family nights was our dishwasher. Hubby would start it after dinner (not thinking) and eventually we’d either have to turn up the volume on our TV way loud or simply pause the movie and wait for the dish washing cycle to end.  Even when we watched our movies on the downstairs TV you could hear our dishwasher!  Not any more…my new GE® Dishwasher is SUPER quiet!!  Just listen…

Yes, the GE® Hybrid Stainless Steel Dishwasher has a decibel rating of 48dBA.  In comparison, a light rainfall is around 40dBA and an average conversation is about 60dBA.  This dishwasher is somewhere right in the middle.  It is so quiet in comparison to my old dishwasher that I actually had to check on it a few times the first time I ran it to make sure it was still going!

Our dishwasher is something we no longer have to worry about when we have our family movie nights.  My phone tweeting or saying “Facebook Message” on the other hand…  What things interrupt your family movie nights?

Bonus points if you can figure out what movie we are watching 🙂

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GE® Appliances.  All opinions are 100% my own.