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Turkey In Disguise

Ok, I’ll admit, when Trisha from MomDot.com posted in our blogging group that she wanted to do a link up of Turkey In Disguise, I wasn’t quite sure about it. I didn’t really get it. Then I showed it to my girls…

Turkey in Disguise

…and even I got into it! See that photo above? Yup, that’s my Turkey In Disguise as a nurse.

You see, turkeys don’t want to get eaten on Thanksgiving so they dress up as something else so they won’t be noticed.

Turkey in Disguise

I printed Trisha’s free Turkey In Disguise printable then Nutty and Tottie got out their markers and went to town. Tottie came up with all kinds of ideas and made me print FOUR turkeys. Nutty had a bit of a harder time and is so picky that she’s still working on her second turkey (but she plans on doing more she says).

Turkey in Disguise

Tottie disguised her turkeys as a sunflower, girl, boy, and also copied my nurse.

Turkey in Disguise

Nutty’s turkey in disguise was a ballerina and a (not quite finished) Mini Mouse.

We used just markers to make our turkeys but if you check out the link-up, you’ll see that you can go all-out disguising your turkeys! I just got a bit lazy on this one.

Go ahead, try a Turkey In Disguise for yourself. I guarantee you’ll have fun with it!



  1. Cute Turkeys in Disguise! My mom has been an RN for 5 months now, so she would love the nurse idea!

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