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The Perfect Portable Snack #spon

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already know that I am a huge fan of GoGosqueeZ. I’ve posted how my girls are addicted to them and how GoGosqueeZ is the perfect part of a healthy lunch on the go. When I reached out to GoGosqueeZ to see if they would sponsor me for Brandcation #SeasTheDay, I was more than thrilled when they said yes. After all, it’s not hard to promote something you love!


I first found GoGosqueeZ when I went shopping for healthy things to put in my daughters’ lunches. Applesauce in a pouch was perfect because I didn’t have to send a spoon with them (that could get lost or thrown away). I compared prices and GoGosqueeZ was the cheapest even compared to the store brand.


I then decided to compare the ingredients to some of the competition to see just how healthy this apple sauce really was. On the left in the photo above is a competition’s ingredients for their apple-strawberry sauce, on the right is GoGosqueeZ apple-strawberry-banana. Notice the competition doesn’t even use apple?! They use pear! They also use “natural flavors”, carmine (a “natural” red dye made from insects), and maltic acid (a “natural” food additive that adds a pleasantly sour taste). GoGoSqueeZ on the other hand, uses just apple, strawberry, banana, and blackcurrant (I’m assuming for color). The competition hardly seems “natural” compared to GoGosqueeZ!


This is my daughter’s lunch when she comes home from school…her chocolate covered granola bar isn’t even touched but her applesauce is gone and it even looks like she tried to squeeze every last drop out! This is often what all of my family’s lunches look like when we come home…a crumpled up pouch that used to have applesauce in it!

Don’t worry about looking like a kid at the gym or at work, GoGosqueeZ offers more “adult” versions of their applesauce. They are called Fast Fruit and they provide a full serving of fruit on the go. If you also want to be extra healthy, they offer USDA certified organic sauce too. To be honest, I haven’t tried either one of those products because I just discovered they exist, but you bet that I’ll be trying Fast Fruit!

I send my sincere thanks to GoGosqueeZ for sponsoring me for Brandcation #SeasTheDay. I can’t wait to share them with my fellow 39 bloggers aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of The Seas!

Have you tried GoGoSqueeZ?


  1. We love GoGoSqueeZ here. I even like using them when I’m baking because they are pre-measured and I don’t have to scoop out of a jar which can get messy.

  2. My kids love these! They beg for them at the grocery store.

  3. My daughter absolutely love these. I’ve actually got them on my vacation list when we’re traveling this summer. It’s one of the few non-messy snacks I don’t mind bringing along on road trips.

  4. I see these all the time. We still have not tried them! LOL! Maybe now we will!

  5. My youngest loves these so much. He will not eat a piece of fruit, but put it in a squeezable pouch and he loves it.

  6. We’ve actually never tried these, but I think I should pick some up when I go to the store next. I think my kids would love them.

  7. Never tried them, but I know that my daughter would love them. 🙂

  8. I have not tried these, but I think I will pick up a few for my grandkids who are visiting tomorrow!

  9. Yes we have! We tried it a while back and they were yummy!

  10. My daughter LOVES GoGoSqueeze. We buy them all the time.

  11. My daughter LOVES these, that is soooo cool that they are sponsoring you for Brandcation, I look forward to seeing in you a couple of days!

  12. We keep GoGoSqueeZ stocked in our snack drawer. It’s a favorite snack for my 6 year old!

  13. I actually send those to work with my hubby! They’re a perfect snack for him since he drives a truck most of the day & doesn’t like to stop to eat.

  14. We haven’t tried this brand but I have seen them on the shelves. Definitely will give them a whirl on sports night for the kids.

  15. We love GoGoSqueeZ . My 4 year old calls them squeeze fruits.

  16. My kids love these and I love that they are easy on the go snacks that are healthy too!

  17. We love love love these too! I always have a pouch or two tucked away with us 🙂

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