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5 Cold Weather Day Activities

It's been cold in Minnesota lately.  Don't get me wrong, we're used to cold, but not THIS cold! Air temps in the -20ºF range with wind chills in the -40ºF range?!  School has been canceled for the 4th time this month and we're going stir crazy!  I decided to look back through our archives to come up with 5 cold weather day activities we can do during this crazy, stuck indoor time. Click on the large words to bring you to the post with directions. 1)  Make and indoor obstacle course The perfect way to burn off energy while sparking imagination! Arrange and re-arrange to come up with endless obstacles. Spread it all over the house for more exercise! 2) Corn Starch and Water Need a quieter activity that will keep your kids busy for at least an hour?  Try the corn starch and water science experiment.  You just might end up playing with it yourself! 3) Paper Beads Bring out the crafty side in your kids by making beads out of paper.  You should have all the supplies just lying … [Read more...]

Boiling Water Thrown In Freezing Air

It's -22­° F with windchills in the -40° range in Minnesota today.  The governor of the state closed all public schools so the girls get an extra day of Christmas vacation.  What are we doing on this record cold day?  We're doing freezing experiments!  We can only be outside for brief periods, but long enough to throw boiling water in the freezing air, make frozen bubbles, and put water out to guess how long it takes to freeze. I know that a ton of people have tried throwing boiling water in the air and watching it freeze before, but believe it or not, we have never done it! What you'll need: Boiling water Below freezing temps outside That's it!  Watch the video below to see what happens: Hubby didn't find it all that fascinating but the girls and I thought it was cool. Have you tried to throw boiling water in cold air to watch it freeze? … [Read more...]

Frozen Bubbles

We've had a cold winter this year in Minnesota. Though most of the time we keep our kids indoors when the weather is well below freezing, there are times when sub 0°F can be a lot of fun! Take bubbles for example...they are a summertime or indoor activity, correct?  No!  Take them outside when it's below freezing and watch what happens! The colder the temp outside the faster the magic happens, however, don't go outside when it's too cold or you won't be able to do it for long. Also a bit of a hint, make sure it's pretty calm outside. Any breeze and your bubbles will fly away before you get to play with them. Don't have bubble solution or a bubble wand? No problem! Make the solution out of dish soap and water. Use a straw as a wand. Experiment by blowing a bubble, letting it freeze, then taking it inside. What happens? Freezing bubbles was a ton of fun with my girls and I'm sure your kids will have just as much fun! … [Read more...]

Ice Fishing with your kiddos

Every year, the day after Christmas, we take the long journey to the great wide open (also known as Papa Tractors). This year was extra special because, this year Papa Tractor took our oldest son ice fishing. He had a special hat made just for him and bought him his very own ice fishing rod. It was special indeed! He reserved a special ice house just for us for the entire day. We hopped in a Bombardier (see the photo)and headed to 5 mile point. It was five miles out in the middle of the lake and it took us nearly a half hour to get there. But was it worth it? Indeed! We spent nearly 7 hours out there and the only person who caught anything was Papa. But, it didn't really matter because the day wasn't totally about catching....it was more about the memory, the special time, the incredible gift of grandparents. It was a successful day for sure! Have you ever been ice fishing? Do you have any amazing memories with your grandparents you want to share? … [Read more...]

Playing In The Snow WITH Your Kids

*There is no Pinned it, Did it! this week as we have been spending time with our families.  Instead, enjoy this post that was originally posted on the 17th but was taken down for a post about Sandy Hook. ---------------- We finally had our first big snowfall of the year last weekend.  We got almost a foot of snow in one storm!  Needless to say, the girls were anxious to get out and play in the white stuff! Most of the time I sit in a chair and watch my kids play in the snow.  After all, they have way more energy than I do, I don't really like getting all bundled up, and I hate being cold and wet.  However, every now and then I do like to re-live my childhood by making snow angels. I had a blast a few years ago when we took the girls sledding for the first time.  Tottie was too little to go down the hill by herself so Hubby and I had to go down with her.  At the end we were tired, cold, and wet but we all had smiles on our faces! Last year there wasn't enough snow to really … [Read more...]

Ten things to do in the winter with your kids

Since today is our "Hodge podge" day where we post pretty much whatever we like (ha ha ha) I thought it might be a good time to post some ideas of fun things to do with your kids during the winter months, especially since we're in the thick of it right now. Hope you find some great tips from this list! 1. Explore tracks- take time to go outside and explore the different shaped animal tracks in the snow (or dirt) and see if you can figure out what they are. This adventure offers a few great things: a little science learning, quality time, and creative thinking. Photo courtesy of Five Elements Arts 2. Make a trail hunt- Go outside during their nap time (or a time when they can't see you) and make a trail throughout the yard, twisting and turning and jumping between steps. Have them go outside and follow the trail. Photo Courtesy of Log Like 3. Make a "headless snowman". We all know snowmen have three circles...well this snowman has only … [Read more...]