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Brush up on Family Safety During National Preparedness Month

Preparing your family for natural disasters is the only way to increase their chance of survival and lessen their chance of injury when disaster strikes. No corner of the world is too remote to be touched by nature's fury, be it earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, typhoons, blizzards, tornadoes or floods. And so the U.S. government has declared September “National Preparedness Month”, urging families and communities across the country to take the opportunity to learn how to survive in worst case scenarios. We in the Twin Cities area know all too well how suddenly and severely natural disasters can strike. We're no strangers to dangerous tornadoes and floods, and have had our fair share of debilitating snowfalls. (Photo credit: Justin Hobson) Children are particularly at risk of injury or death in natural disasters. Without a firm family plan in place, they can wander straight into the path of danger, often by returning to damaged yet familiar buildings like home or school. … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Activities

It's hard enough to entertain your kids during the summer, let alone when it rains outside.  Today we're bringing you 10 ways to keep your kids occupied during the rain. #10- Make your own treasure hunt #9- Corn starch and water #8- Indoor obstacle course #7- Popsicle stick puzzles #6- Scratch drawings #5- Make cleaning fun #4- Make your own playdough #3- Shaving cream and glue #2- Coloring with your kids #1- Tissue paper flowers … [Read more...]

25 Ideas For Keeping Children Calm During A Storm

(photo source) Last week was quite stormy in our neck of the woods. Yesterday we did a post on Severe Weather Kits because we realized during National Severe Weather Preparedness week (April 22-28) that our families were not prepared for emergencies during severe weather. Today we're giving you 25 ideas for keeping your children calm during storms Keep yourself calm--This is the most important thing of all.  If you are not calm, your kids won't be either. Cuddle--Sometimes a little physical contact is all your kids need to feel safe and calm. Practice--On non-stormy days practice what you would do in the event of severe weather.  Knowing what to do will help your kids feel in control. Severe weather kit--Have your kids help you make a severe weather kit.  It helps them to know what you have that will keep them safe. (photo source) Light--Lots of kids get scared in the dark so make sure you have plenty of flashlights on hand to keep things bright if the power goes … [Read more...]