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4 St. Patrick’s Day treats for adults with alternatives for kids

We all know how adults like to party (ie. drink) on St. Patrick's Day. If you're anything like me and my family however, you'll be having a semi-family friendly party. I've come up with 4 treats that are sure to please the adults at your party with alternatives that the kids can eat! For the adults--Leprechaun Balls Made with both Irish Whiskey and Bailey's these little buggers can, and will make you loopy if you eat too many but boy do they look yummy! For the kids--Cake Balls Let's not make the kids loopy! These cake balls are made with lemon-lime soda and are sure to make the kids happy when they bite into them and discover they are green. For the adults--Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes Did someone say Guinness and Bailey's? Count me in! The amount of alcohol in these is minimal and most will bake off but I'd still reserve these for the adults. For the kids--Rainbow Cupcakes The kids don't have to eat these to have fun with them but I'm pretty sure they taste just … [Read more...]

Pintrest Inspiration- St. Patty’s Day Tasty Treats

Because Jamie and I are busy taking care of our daughters this week (post surgeries) we are bringing you a week of fun Pintrest inspirations. 1. How did we not think of this idea?!?! Shamrock green pepper snacks from Glorious Mischief . Hello, where have we been? 2. These Irish inspired hats have all the things necessary for eating...marshmallows, cookies and chocolate. Stop by The Cake Blog for instructions. 3. Green pancakes for breakfast! Yup! I'm adding this one to my list indeed. Thoughtfully Simple came up with this one. I've done the pink heart shaped pancakes for Valentines but this one is awesome.   4.  You know how I feel about fun lunches if you have been reading our blog for more than a day. This one "takes the cake!" I think I am adding GlorysMischief to my "to read" list. 5. Um, yum....need I say more? Easy to make and it looks so incredibly good! My kids will devourer this for sure! Thanks for sharing this This Mama Loves. 6. Ok, now I have to bust out … [Read more...]

Leprechaun or Shamrock Shake

There are plenty of Leprechaun or Shamrock Shake recipes out there at this time of year.  We thought we'd share our version.  From what I can tell, it IS a little different than the majority we've seen! Ok, so it may look a bit weird in the photo above but we guarantee it tastes yummy! Here's what you'll need to make your own: Vanilla ice cream Milk Mint cookies Green food coloring A blender I have to admit, I don't measure stuff when I make milk-shakes.  I simply add ingredients until it looks and tastes good. 1)  Add ice cream to your blender cup.  A few large scoops will do. 2)  Crumble a bunch of mint cookies into the blender cup. 3)  Add milk to about half way up the ice cream. 4)  Top with a bunch of drops of green food coloring. 5)  Blend until smooth. 6)  Enjoy your minty Leprechaun shake! How do you make your Leprechaun or Shamrock Shake?   … [Read more...]

St. Patricks Day Pretzel Treat

This is about one of the easiest treats you can make....and let me say they are awesome, the perfect combination of salty and sweet! Here is what you need: pretzels white chocolate chips green sprinkles wax paper Melt your white chocolate chips in the microwave in 30 second intervals. If you attempt to melt it all at once they will burn (trust me). Toss your pretzels into the melted white chocolate. Remove the pretzels with a fork and tap off the excess. Set them on the wax paper in groups of three (make sure they ARE touching) Sprinkle each clover with green sprinkles and ENJOY! … [Read more...]

Magic Leprechaun Pie

Have you heard of magic leprechaun pudding before?  It's a great thing for younger kids to eat to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  My girls and I decided to take it one step further and make magic leprechaun pie! This pie was a HUGE hit for the girls to make and it didn't last long in our fridge!  It's super simple to make and I hope it's a hit for your family too! To make your own magic leprechaun pie you'll need: Pistachio pudding Cool whip Pie Crust Pistachio nuts (optional) Step 1)  This step is completely optional but it does add more to the pie.  I'm pretty sure that you can buy already chopped and shelled pistachios but we didn't have those on hand.  In our case, we had to shell and crush our pistachio nuts.  I think for every one pistachio that went into our Ziploc bags to crush, the girls ate two!  We used a meat tenderizing hammer to crush our nuts and obviously the girls thought this was "totally fun!" Step 2) Again, this step is optional.  Put the … [Read more...]