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Make an indoor obstacle course

We live in the "frozen tundra" and winters here can be really long, especially when it's TOO cold to go outside and burn off a little extra energy. The other day my kids were telling me how bored they were bouncing off the walls with energy. So I made them all sit on the step (ha!!!) while I made a special surprise for them. What did we do? We did an indoor obstacle course. It was filled with items we already had in our house (making it FREE) and it was some really good fun! The kids were getting along great and helping and encouraging each other along the course. Here is how I laid out the course for them. Click on the photo to make it larger It was great to see them burning off the energy! Then a few minutes later the decided to get more creative! Here's what THEY decided the course was. click on the photo to make it larger Then even later the moved things around and redesigned the whole thing. I would say all in all it was a success! We … [Read more...]

Dance Party!

It was Christmas break and if I heard "I'm booorrred..." or "what can we do?..." one more time I was going to SCREAM!  The girls were antsy and I was crabby.  Soo... I put a Kidz Bop CD in the stereo, cranked up the volume, and had a dance party with my girls!  It gave them something to do, got the antsies out, and uplifted my spirits. At this risk of self-embarrassment, I decided to post a video clip from our dance party.  Yes, sometimes I set up the camera and take a video.  #1--it's a memory to create, #2--my girls like to watch the videos of themselves dancing.  Nutty usually dances a little more than this and she's got some great moves.  For some odd reason, she decided she'd rather sing more this time.  This is one of her favorite songs... Remember last week's coloring with your kids post or the cloud watching post from a few months ago?  Having a dance party is another free, no-frills, spur of the moment, activities that you can do with your kids.  Go ahead and get … [Read more...]

Ivory Soap Explosion

I will be the first to admit that this ivory soap explosion is one super cool, fun science experiment! You'll be just as impressed as your kids when you try it. Here is what you will need: Ivory soap (It MUST be the brand name IVORY soap.  Other brands will NOT work!  It must be a fresh bar too.) A microwave 1)  Take one bar of Ivory soap and cut into half then in half again. Place one piece of the quartered soap in the microwave. 2)  Set microwave for 3 minutes (even though you won't need that much time) and push start. 3)  Sit back and watch! After about 90 seconds the soap will expand to about 6 times it original size!!! It won't be too hot to touch either. Let it sit for about a minute or two and then remove it from the microwave and watch for your kids' reaction. I will admit that I wanted to see what would happen to a FULL bar of soap....learn from me...don't do it...fight the urge! I had to stop it before it finished because my … [Read more...]

Glittery Snow Globe

Here is a "nearly free" and fun project. This is one that I would say to let the parents do because of the mess involved. I use this when my kids are sick in bed, they will sit and look at the glittery globe for hours (OK minutes, but in kid time that is a long time). Let me preface this with "yes, I know snow globe usually equals winter, but this is a great "sick kid" activity." My son recently had surgery and I made one of these for him to play with in the hospital...he loved it! Here is what you need Baby food jar or a water bottle if you want a big one Glitter Mineral oil (or Baby oil) One drop of food coloring Super glue Simply sprinkle a little glitter in the jar, fill the jar half way with mineral oil and the other half with water, add one drop of food coloring, glue the cover on tight and hand it over to your sick kiddo. They'll love to watch the oil and water try and mix and to see the glitter bounce around. … [Read more...]

Make your own crayons

Wanna be the "coolest mommy out there" (a direct quote from my 4 year old)? Take crayons to the next level with just a couple of bucks. I am a huge fan of party planning...and some would say I probably go overboard...but I just love it! I saw someone selling crayons in shapes in an online store for a pretty penny (5 for like 8bucks!) Way more than I wanted to pay. So here is what I did. I went to the dollar store purchased a few packages of crayons. I sorted them by color group. Peeled the wrappers off and broke them. Microwaved the crayons til they were melted. Carefully poured the melted crayons into candy molds. Let them set and harden...and viola, you have awesome crayons shaped to whatever you want. My son requested a Star Wars party so I purchased Star Wars candy molds! If you get a chance, what shapes would you make? Stop by our community and share with us. … [Read more...]

How To Make an "I Spy" Bottle

Do you want an activity that will entertain your kids for a while and keep them quiet?  Make an "I Spy" bottle!  It's super simple to make, and is good for kids of all ages (my husband loves it as much as my 2 and 5 year old!)  Use the "I Spy" bottle for long car rides, laying low when your kids are sick, or keeping your little monsters busy when you need to clean. Here's what you'll need: A bunch of objects that are small enough to fit into a water bottle. An empty, completely dry water bottle without the label. Paper and pen Funnel (or a piece of paper to roll into a funnel) White rice Glue String, yarn, or ribbon Clear contact paper or laminating paper (optional) Now how to make it: Step 1) Have your kids help you hunt all over the house, garage, and outside for things to put in your bottle.  Make sure to write on your paper everything you collect.  Coins, nails/screws, Barbie or Polly Pocket accessories, Legos, hair stuff, rocks, office … [Read more...]