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15 Ideas for Getting Rid of the Mommy Grouchies

Let's face it, we all get cranky at times.  You wake up thinking the day will be great and then find yourself constantly yelling at the kids.  Nothing is going the way you think it should and you just want to pull your hair out. source of photo We've got 15 ideas that might help brighten your mood when you've got the Mommy Grouchies! 1)  Get out of the house--Take your kids to the park, go to the mall, just take a drive somewhere...maybe your kids are feeling just as cooped up as you are. 2)  Mommy time-out--Give yourself a time-out just like you do to your kids.  Tell your kids that you are in a time-out because you are cranky.  Sit in your room for 5-10 minutes and gather yourself together. 3)  Chocolate--Chocolate can cheer anyone up!  Run to the store and pick up your favorite chocolate treat! photo source 4)  Listen to music/Have a Dance Party--Crank up the tunes.  You'll be amazed at how your favorite song can cheer you up.  Dance with your kids and you'll be … [Read more...]

25 Unique Non-Basket Easter Baskets

Are you tired of putting your child's Easter goodies in baskets every year?  Do you have piles of old baskets lying around from previous years?  This year, how about doing something different and practical with a non-basket Easter basket!? Before we move on, don't forget to check out our 50 non-candy Easter basket fillers and our 13 unique non-candy Easter egg fillers. Now ditch those boring baskets and try these 25 Non-Basket Easter Basket Ideas: 1) Beach pail Fill it with fun stuff to bring to the beach 2) Sun hat tipped upside down Fill it with sunglasses and other fun summer accessories 3) Personalized tote bag Fill it with anything 4) New pair of shoes Stuff the shoes with Easter goodies 5) Tool box Fill it with kid friendly tools for your little handy helper 6) Tackle box Fill it with fun things for a fishing trip 7) Backpack Fill it with art supplies 8) Large dump truck Fill the bed of the truck with smaller cars 9) Beach towel Put beach stuff on top and tie it … [Read more...]

50 things (other than candy) to put in your child’s Easter basket

Candy overload?!!! It seems like once the Halloween candy was gone then the Christmas candy came and when that was gone then the Valentine's candy arrived....so now Easter candy too? Ugh! My kids like candy like every other child out there, but we thought it might be fun to share some ideas of what to stuff their Easter baskets with other than candy that won't break the bank. Without further ado... 50 non-candy Easter basket ideas... 50. Sunglasses for the coming sunny months 49. Deck of cards, go fish or old maid work great too- my kids think this is the coolest thing ever! 48. A bag of balloons- for water balloon fights this summer 47. Lip balm or lip gloss- my kids go crazy over this one! 46. Terracotta pot- paint it together and plant something pretty 45. Seeds (for planting their favorite colored flower or vegetable) 44. A new book- who doesn't like a new book? 43. A new DVD 42. Puzzles 41. Digital photo frame- get those pictures off your computer and phone! 40. … [Read more...]

Boo Boo Bunny

"Mommy, I've got a boo boo!" How many times a day do you hear this, or something similar? If your kids are anything like mine they are constantly asking for band-aids and ice packs to make the owie better. I found this really cute idea years ago on "How to Make a boo boo Bunny" and I have one in my freezer right now. Its really easy to make (even if you are craft-challenged) and it will be a quick fix for any boo boos, scrapes, bumps, or ouchies that come your way. To make your own boo boo bunny you'll need: A washcloth A rubber band Thin ribbon Google eyes Small pom pom Craft glue (or hot glue gun if you prefer) Step 1: Fold your washcloth in half to make it look like a triangle. Step 2: Roll the cloth from the point to the long side of the cloth. Step 3: Fold the rolled up cloth in half. Step 4: Fold it in half again so that the loose ends point backwards towards your first fold. Step 5: Secure the folds with a rubber band (place it … [Read more...]