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Back to School Meals Made Easy with Relish (Sample recipe included!) #Spon

Last year we told you about meal planning made easy with Relish!  We enjoyed them so much that we're here to remind you that your back to school meals can be easy with them too!!  What is Relish?  Here's how they describe themselves: A weekly menu planner aimed to help busy families put wonderful meals on the table every night. No sloppy casseroles or expensive kitchen blunders. Instead look for everyday food...with a gourmet twist. We can vouch for the fact that their meals are easy, made with normal, fresh foods, and definitely taste gourmet (even though they don't take the gourmet time or skill to make). As far as the planning part of it goes...It takes me 15 minutes to come up with a menu for the entire week including a detailed grocery list broken down by store aisle!!  With slightly extra time, I can make a menu full of freezer meals for busy weeks.  That's how easy Relish! makes menu planning! Vegetarian family?  No problem.  Picky kids?  No problem.  Having … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Meal Planning with Relish!–Giveaway too!

What's for dinner?  It is a question that many of us dread each day.  What is for dinner?  What do I have the ingredients for?  Ugh...I don't feel like cooking... If you've been paying close enough attention to our blog, you know that Lindsi is a meal planning freak "expert" and Jamie has been trying her hand at meal planning too.  We both find meal planning to be helpful in stress, energy, and money saving.  It also helps with the dreaded, "What's for dinner?" question!  The one problem however, is the time it takes to come up with recipes.  Flipping through multiple different websites and cook books can get confusing and overwhelming.  Add in the time it takes to make a grocery list for all your meals and making a weekly meal plan can take up to 1/2 a day! That's where Relish! comes in!  We've been using Relish! for our meal planning for a little over 2 months and we couldn't be happier!  The first week Jamie used Relish! her Facebook status said, "Trying out a new online … [Read more...]

How to make a meal plan

So apparently my (Lindsi) obsession with organization has been quite a topic of conversation, especially when it comes to my handy dandy meal plan. I am going to dedicate this post to sharing my tips and tricks to creating a functional and year-long meal plan. Now don't get overwhelmed, it really IS easy to do. It will just take a little bit of determination on your part. The benefits are well worth it (less stressing about what to make for dinner, less impulse buying at the grocery store, more money in your pocket). So without further ado, here are the steps on how to make a meal plan for an entire year: Step 1: Print 12-15 copies of a blank calendar (or use a store bought calendar). I found my favorite meal planning calendar HERE. Step 2: Start with one month (or two if you are feeling really determined). Set aside time to plan the entire month out. You can fill in the days with family favorites and also some new meals you have found in books or on sites. These are a few of my … [Read more...]