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Costume making 101

Now, now...don't run off all scared when you see that post title...I'm not going to overwhelm you in anyway! I promise! There are four approaches to costumes, in my opinion, and I am going to share them with you! Approach #1- For the crafty nerd, sewing fanatic, and mom who doesn't sleep There are many amazing patterns out there that you can find to help you make the most amazing costume for your kids for Halloween. While I hate to admit it sometimes, I just really find sewing to be relaxing (I know- I'm a nerd) and I really enjoy making my kids costumes. Here are some great resources for patterns and fabrics. Simplicity Their patterns are for the beginning sewer, and they're really easy to follow and complete McCalls Their patterns are a little more advanced, so newbies beware. Sewing Patterns These patterns are pretty complex and can be quite intimidating. Photo courtesy of Coolest Baby Costumes Approach #2- For the "sort of crafty" person The sort of … [Read more...]