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Free Easter Activity Printable

In my new fashion of creating a printable for every holiday, I have now created a free Easter activity printable. Similar to my Thanksgiving and Christmasprintables, this Easter one is meant to help keep the kids busy while they wait for the food to be put on the table or for activities to start. Click anywhere above to download and print. Beware: The “find the difference” is a bit hard! … [Read more...]

Bubble Airplane Valentines

Ok, I admit it, I found these cute airplane valentines on Pinterest. The site, however, was not in English. I had every intention of copying the Valentines into an English tutorial using Life Savers candy instead of the candy this person used. Of course I would credit the original site. But then I went to the store to find Life Savers...Instead I found bubbles and Bubble Airplane Valentines were born... My bubble airplane valentines are similar to the valentines I found on Pinterest but in my opinion, these are a little more versatile. Why? Because you can print the writing on either side of patterned paper or on plain paper. You can also use blue toned bubbles and paper to make them more boy-ish. Bubbles are better than candy because you don't have to worry about allergies! 1) Click on the photos below to download them. 2) Print the wings on whatever paper you want, on the patterned side or plain side. 3) Print the banners on paper. 4) Cut the slits on the wing so … [Read more...]

aMAZEing Valentines

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I love homemade Valentines. My girls have done Fortune Teller Valentines and Kool-Aid Valentines among others. This year we're doing Slap Bracelet Valentines and these Maze Valentines. Maze Valentines are nothing new. In searching the internet, we've never found one we really like though. Most we found, you need to attach an actual, small plastic maze to or, if the maze is printed on, it is cheesy. I decided to make my own for the girls. These took a lot longer to make than expected but we think they are well worth it. There are three different Maze Valentines and each one has a different maze. Just because your friend with the pink Valentine solved their maze, doesn't mean your friend with the purple one can copy it and solve their maze! Fun huh? Click on the photo above to download and print these aMAZEing Valentines for your kids. They won't be disappointed! … [Read more...]

Free Thanksgiving Printables

Now that my birthday, Tottie's birthday, and Halloween are over, it's time to start thinking about the next round of celebrations with free Thanksgiving printables! Yes, Thanksgiving is less than one month away, which means that Christmas is right around the corner! One holiday at a time though, right? In the past we've brought you 4 Thanksgiving activities to do with adults and kids, 4 more Thanksgiving activities, and 5 unique Thanksgiving crafts, we understand, however, that sometimes you just need to keep the kids quiet. That's why, this year, we're giving you free Thanksgiving printables to keep your kids quiet, yet entertained.   Click on the photos above to download and print. Though the two printables look very similar, the first is meant for younger kids who can't spell, while the second is meant for those who can spell. We made them similar so that the kids don't fight over who's printable is better. (I know my girls would fight over it!) Enjoy these … [Read more...]

First Father’s Day Coupons From Baby

As I was writing the intro to my Father's Day Coupon Book on Monday I realized that there are a ton of versions of printable coupons for Dad, however, none were appropriate to give for a first Father's Day. After all, the majority of coupons involve things such as taking out the trash, back rubs, and controlling the remote. Those are great for older children to give to dad, but babies can't fulfill those tasks. So...I made first Father's Day Coupons from baby - perfect to give a dad on his first Father's Day! Of course, babies can't technically fulfill these tasks by themselves either, but they are definitely more fitting than the other coupons I made. Just print out the pages below, cut them in half on the solid line in the middle, and staple together. It’s super easy! One page has blank coupons so you can make your own personal ones. For even more personalization, put your child's hand or foot prints on the blank side of the cover paper. Please note, when downloading the … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Printable Coupons

Father's Day printable coupons are a popular and easy gift to give Dad for his special day. This year my girls are finally old enough to be able to fulfill tasks from the vouchers. However, when I went searching for printables, I didn't like many of the ones I found. If my girls are going to give coupons, I want them to give coupons not just words written on paper with cute backgrounds or pictures. So, I made my own... Made to look like a real coupon book with real coupons, these free printables make a fun gift for Dad for Father's Day. Change and make your own cover and they'll make a great gift for his birthday too! Just print out the pages below, cut them in half on the solid line in the middle, and staple together. It's super easy! One page has blank coupons so you can make your own personal ones. For even more personalization, have your children draw photos on the blank side of the pages in the book. If some coupons are not applicable (such as the pet ones), you can … [Read more...]