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Make Your Own Seed Paper

My mom is cardmaker/stamper. She has supplies galore in my sister's old bedroom which she has turned into her "office". My girls love to dig in her materials when they visit her house. Often times they make cards of their own for friends and family. This past week when the girls and I went to my parents' house, my mom decided to do something different. She helped them make seed paper. If you aren't familiar with seed paper, it is just what it sounds like. Paper with seeds it in. You plant the paper, it dissolves in the dirt, and the seeds grow into plants. The process of making the paper can be a bit messy but the Nutty and Tottie thought it was a ton of fun and can't wait to do it again as soon as I buy my own supplies. To make seed paper with your kids, you'll need a few paper making supplies. You don't have to have anything super special. My mom put together her own "kit" with things she had laying around. A frame the size you want your paper to be (a cheap picture frame … [Read more...]

How to make Flower Fairies

Do you have access to different flowers, petals, and leaves? Then this is the project for you! Gather up many nature objects around the yard as you can (flowers, ferns, leaves and twigs). On a piece of cardstock paper or construction paper help your child create flower fairies with glue, markers, crayons and their nature finds! It's really easy to do and so much fun! … [Read more...]

Hammered Flower Art

Hammered flower art can be both fun and beautiful.  I've seen some gorgeous prints in person and online so I decided to try it out with my girls. Here's what you'll need if you want to try it with your kids: variety of flowers and/or leaves paper (plain paper will work but not as well as construction, watercolor, or other more absorbent paper) hammer hard surface to work on such as a cutting board or piece of wood (you are going to be hammering on it) paper towels scissors tape (optional) 1) Find flowers and leaves.  Walk around your yard or neighborhood and look for brightly colored flowers and leaves.  They need to be fresh but not overly moist.  Try a variety of things because some will work better than others.  Of note, pale yellow and white flowers do not work! 2)  Put your paper on your hard surface.  Then put the flower on the paper.  Spread the flower out and cut off the mushy/moist part that sticks up in the center.  Some flowers you might have to … [Read more...]

Hand Print Sunflowers

Ready for a super easy, super cute, super fun craft? Hand Print Sunflowers! Here is what you will need: a small paper plate yellow construction paper green construction paper brown construction paper (or a brown marker) sunflower seeds glue scissors Have your child trace their hand (or help them if they are too young) on the yellow construction paper and make 5-6 different tracings. Help your child cut each hand out carefully. Glue (or tape) each hand to the back of the plate leaving a little space for the stem. Glue or tape a green strip of construction paper to the base, this will serve as the stem of the sunflower. Next flip the plate over and color in the plate with a brown marker or cut a circle of brown construction paper to fit on the inside of the plate. Smear glue all over the brown part of the plate and sprinkle sunflower seeds all over. And now you have an adorable Sunflower to add to your collection! … [Read more...]

10 spring time flower crafts

Today we're bringing you ten awesomely fun spring time flower art crafts... 1. Coffee Filter Daffodils-  You can't go wrong with this easy and adorable flower craft! These Daffodils are perfect for spring, mother's day, and to cheer someone up. 2. Make a spring bouquet by purchasing white carnations and adding some food coloring to the water. Watch the flower colors change! What a fun experiment too. 3. Adorable Tissue Paper Carnations. Such an easy craft too! I know just the person these would be perfect for. With Mother's Day coming up this weekend you can make flowers that last forever. 4. Simple Origami Flowers- This video gives you step by step directions on how to make this cute little bud. 5. Glossy Paper Flowers are a great way to reuse and recycle old magazines. Your toddler, preschooler or grade school child will enjoy making these for sure! 6. Paper Cup Flowers- Why not make an entire garden of flowers? I am willing to bet you have all the supplies … [Read more...]