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Paper Pumpkins

This is a really easy and pretty cute little craft project you can do with your kiddos. Cut several strips of colored card stock paper into 1 inch strips. I used my paper cutter cause it ensured they were the same width each time. Using your paper puncher punch a hole in each end of the strip of paper until all of your pieces of paper have two holes. String a green or brown ribbon (of your preference) through one end of the strips and knot. Pull the ribbon tight so that you create a C-shaped stack of paper and knot the other end of the ribbon. Fan out each piece of paper until you have a pumpkin shaped craft. Add more ribbon on top to create the leaves, if desired. (This project is great for little hand that need more fine motor skill activities). … [Read more...]

Easy Fallen Leaves Tree Craft

I came home from work the other day to discover these displayed in our living room: I guess my Mother-In-Law made them with the girls while I was gone and they were so cute I had to share them.  Who knew my Mother-In-Law was crafty?  I didn't!   If you want to make these with your kids, here's what you'll need: A bunch of dried leaves with long stems (maple leaves work well) Markers, crayons, or colored pencils Cardstock, cardboard, or thicker paper (my Mother-In-Law used the back of clothes gift boxes so the project stood on it's own when done) Tape 1)  Have your kids draw the trunk of the tree on the cardstock/cardboard.  Let them add what ever other decorations they want to the base of the tree. Step 2)  Bunch the leaves together like a bouquet of flowers lining the stems up together.   Step 3)  Tape the stem bunch to the cardstock/cardboard over the top of the drawn tree trunk. Step 4)  Display and enjoy! … [Read more...]

Fall Leaves Print

The other day my kids and I were thinking to ourselves how sad we were that the pretty fall colors were almost gone (well, at least where we live) and how old man winter will be soon knocking on our door. I thought it would be fun to paint a photo of the pretty fall colors to "remember" them when we are staring out the window at the bitter cold white snow. It's really easy and relatively not messy! Here is what you need: Red, Brown, Yellow, and Orange finger paint A paint brush or sponge Paper A willing child Have your child paint their hand and lower arm brown (or if they are unable to do this you certainly can help out). Then place their arm and hand on the paper to look like a tree with the branches. Start with one of the remaining colors (red, yellow or orange) and use their finger tips to dot leaves on the top of the tree. Finish with the remaining colors. Ta-da...you have a pretty fall colored tree (and a keepsake of their hand print, make sure to date it!) … [Read more...]

Make a Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving is around the corner (at least it is in the U.S.) and what better way to get your kids in the spirit than to create a Thankful Tree together. I saw something similar at a local craft store and they wanted $100 for it....my entire cost $2.97 Here is what you need: A tree branch (preferably one with lots of twigs) A bucket or pot to put the tree in Sand (or I used a foam ball) to secure the tree in the pot Spanish Moss to cover the base of the tree A marker Hot glue gun Construction paper leaves (or foam leaves, like I used) Step 1: Cut out leaves using construction paper (or cheat and purchase foam ones at a craft store). Ask your kids to list things they are thankful for.   Write them (or have them write on it if they are able) on the leaves, using one word.   Step 2: Secure tree branch to bucket or pot using your sand or foam ball. Step 3: Cover the base of the tree with Spanish moss. Step 4: Glue leaves on the tree. (Make sure the adult does … [Read more...]

Mini pumpkin painting

If you're like me...messes are something that drive you crazy! The thought of ooey gooey slimy pumpkin guts all over my kitchen makes my anxiety level rocket! However, Jamie doesn't mind the gooey pumpkin guts but her girls won't have anything to do with the slime. Solution- PAINT your pumpkins! This project is great because your itty bitty toddlers really shouldn't be carving with knives and sharp tools anyway. Here is what you will need: Mini pumpkins (or big ones if you want) Craft paint Paint brushes Kids eager to decorate for Halloween Bowl of water to rinse brushes Step 1: Clean off any excess dirt from your pumpkins Step 2: Paint shirts!!! They're a must. Step 3: Paint away, and have fun doing it. Step 4: Hose down the kiddos Step 5: Let dry (however we learned that a hairdryer makes this step go waaaaaaaaaaaay faster! Do you paint or carve your pumpkins?  Why? … [Read more...]

Leaf drawing

Leaf drawing is a super easy, super fun craft to do with your kids. It requires little effort and little supplies, yet produces a beautiful piece of artwork that you will be proud to display.  You'll need flat, dried leaves of all shapes and sizes, crayons, and paper.  That's it! Step 1)  Take your kids outside and go hunting for multiple kinds of leaves.  The flatter the leaf is, the better it works. Step 2)  Bring in the leaves inside (if it's super nice and not too windy, stay outside) and lay them out so it's easy to choose which leaf your child wants to use. Step 3)  Put a leaf under a piece of paper, take a crayon and rub over the leaf.  Have your child take the paper off the crayon and turn the crayon on it's side so they can rub.  Don't let your child color over the leaf or the pattern won't come through. Step 4)  Repeat putting leaves under the paper and rubbing until your paper is full of leaf patterns. Step 5)  You're done!  Compliment your child on their … [Read more...]