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10 Fall Treats, Activities, and Crafts for Kids

Toys In The Dryer turned 3 at the beginning of the month. This got me thinking that there a ton of posts that have been forgotten as new posts have taken their place over the years. It's time to bring back some of my favorite fall treats, activities, and crafts for kids that we have posted over the last 3 years.   Fall Leaf Fairies - Make cute fairy pictures from fallen leaves and twigs. These hung in our kitchen for weeks! Candy Corn Pudding Treats - There's nothing special about the flavor per se, it's more so the idea that it looks like candy corn.   Acorn Races - Since Lindsi introduced this fun, easy activity to my family three years ago, we've been doing it every fall! Each year gets a little more crazy! Leaf Drawing - I did this all the time as a kid. Now my kids do it!     Crock Pot Applesauce - Perfect for all those apples you've picked at the apple orchard! Leaf Animals - Similar to the leaf fairies, my girls had a ton of fun making … [Read more...]

Make a Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving is around the corner (at least it is in the U.S.) and what better way to get your kids in the spirit than to create a Thankful Tree together. I saw something similar at a local craft store and they wanted $100 for it....my entire cost $2.97 Here is what you need: A tree branch (preferably one with lots of twigs) A bucket or pot to put the tree in Sand (or I used a foam ball) to secure the tree in the pot Spanish Moss to cover the base of the tree A marker Hot glue gun Construction paper leaves (or foam leaves, like I used) Step 1: Cut out leaves using construction paper (or cheat and purchase foam ones at a craft store). Ask your kids to list things they are thankful for.   Write them (or have them write on it if they are able) on the leaves, using one word.   Step 2: Secure tree branch to bucket or pot using your sand or foam ball. Step 3: Cover the base of the tree with Spanish moss. Step 4: Glue leaves on the tree. (Make sure the adult does … [Read more...]

Mini pumpkin painting

If you're like me...messes are something that drive you crazy! The thought of ooey gooey slimy pumpkin guts all over my kitchen makes my anxiety level rocket! However, Jamie doesn't mind the gooey pumpkin guts but her girls won't have anything to do with the slime. Solution- PAINT your pumpkins! This project is great because your itty bitty toddlers really shouldn't be carving with knives and sharp tools anyway. Here is what you will need: Mini pumpkins (or big ones if you want) Craft paint Paint brushes Kids eager to decorate for Halloween Bowl of water to rinse brushes Step 1: Clean off any excess dirt from your pumpkins Step 2: Paint shirts!!! They're a must. Step 3: Paint away, and have fun doing it. Step 4: Hose down the kiddos Step 5: Let dry (however we learned that a hairdryer makes this step go waaaaaaaaaaaay faster! Do you paint or carve your pumpkins?  Why? … [Read more...]

Activities to do with your baby in the fall

Hello Readers! My name is Ann and I blog over at BusyLittleBaby.com. Your [Twin Cities] Guide to Keeping Busy with your Baby.  Not from the Twin Cities? No problem! I often write about things you can do at your home or in any city with your baby. Today I want to share 5 activities to do with your baby in the fall.  Some activities are simple, some to get you OUT of the house and some to keep you entertained at home! [1] Go to Apple Picking or to a Pumpkin Patch Why not start a fun family fall tradition by going to a local apple orchard or a pumpkin patch.  Babies thrive when they can experience a variety of sensations.  Let them grab at the apples and play on top of the big pumpkins.  A lot of orchards also have family friendly activities like hay rides and petting zoos.  And bonus: there will be ample opportunities for great photos! [2] Photo Shoot in the Leaves Turn a boring weekend chore like raking the leaves into another fun photo opportunity for your baby.  Rake … [Read more...]

Acorn Races

We have the most amazing oak tree in our back yard. (Seriously, it is amazing!) It is the "central meeting point" for the kids in our neighborhood (well OK, if I am being honest the kids only love the tree because we have a mean tree swing hanging from it). Anyway, the other evening my oldest son and I were sitting on the hill under our tree and we started talking about fun things I did as a kid. I began to tell him the story of how my grandma and I used to go for walks in the neighborhood and collect bags and bags and bags of acorns. So I grabbed my sons hand and said "Hey! Let's do it too!" So off we went collecting acorns (ones with the top, ones without, ones half chewed by the squirrel, etc) and we had quite the fun conversation along the way as well. After about a half a bag full he stopped and looked at me and said "what do we do now mama?" I thought "oh yay! I get to teach him how to have acorn races just like my grandma and I did!" Here's what you will need: a little free … [Read more...]