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You’ve Been Egged

My family is lucky enough to live in an AWESOME neighborhood. My neighbors regularly get together for fun things and have a minimum of two block parties a year. We could not be happier with where we live. Because our neighborhood is so fun, a few years ago my girls and I started "You've Been Boo'd" at Halloween time. It was a huge success and everyone really got into it. This year we decided to do something different with "You've Been Egged!" for Easter. You've Been Egged is similar to  Boo'd in the fact that it is still a ding-dong and ditch thing but instead of just leaving treats on your neighbor's door, you hide eggs in their yard. Both adults and kids can have fun with this. The only problem is hiding the eggs without getting caught! To "Egg" your neighbors, you'll need: 10 fillable plastic eggs treats to put in the eggs (candy or non-candy) a copy of the "You've Been Egged" sheet (see below to download) 1) Fill the plastic eggs with treats 2) Sneak into … [Read more...]

Easter Story in an Egg Hunt

Since Nutty was old enough to walk my family has had an egg hunt every Easter. My mom hides over 200 eggs and my girls, along with my nephew, hunt for them. It is a tradition we look forward to every year. Last Easter was a bit different. Hidden among the normal eggs were "special" eggs with something other than the usual candy or money inside. Instead, what was contained in these eggs shared the true meaning of why we celebrate Easter. The eggs were Resurrection Eggs. As the kids opened all the eggs they found and built their candy/money stash, they set aside the Resurrection Eggs. When all the regular eggs had been opened, the kids took turns reading the slips from the Resurrection Eggs in the ordered numbers. Along with that, my sister read the Easter Story from a book. The story closely resembled the story from the bible. The kids loved coordinating the eggs with the bible book story! Having Resurrection Eggs along with our regular eggs in the hunt reminded us all that Easter is … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Memory Game

Looking for an Easter game that can keep your kids busy for a while? How about doing an Easter Egg Memory Game? My daughter thought this game was a blast and she played it multiple different ways too. It kept her busy for literally an hour!  The only things you'll need are a bunch of plastic Easter eggs and the same amount of small, matching objects to put into the eggs. There are a few different ways to play the Easter Egg Memory Game depending on how hard or easy you want to make it.  The basic way is to simply put the objects into the eggs, mix them up, then try to find the matching objects in the eggs. To make it easier:  put matching objects in matching egg colors such as the pennies in two pink eggs, the buttons in two blue eggs. To make it harder:  Mix up the egg colors such as a yellow top with a blue bottom or an orange top with a yellow bottom.  You can also do similar items instead of matching items such as a penny and a nickle, two different buttons, or two … [Read more...]

Mancala Easter Style

Mancala is a game that I loved to play when I was little, and still love to play today.  I didn't know the name of it however, until a few years ago.  My family always called it "The African Stone Game".  I have yet to get a real Mancala board for my own family but I do think Nutty is old enough to learn how to play.  That's where this Mancala Easter Style comes in! I was playing with an empty egg carton and some jelly beans working on another project when suddenly I realized that the egg carton and jelly beans looked like a Mancala board!  I tripple double counted the holes in the egg carton and on a couple of Mancala boards I found on the internet, and yes, they did match!  Yahoo!  I can now teach Nutty how to play Mancala! Here's what you'll need to teach your kids how to play: Egg carton Jelly beans (24 to be exact) Glue (optional) Paint (optional) Ok, a few disclaimers before we begin: 1)  The following pictures are a reinactment soley for the purpose of this … [Read more...]

Easter Bunny Foot Prints

It never ceases to amaze me how something simple can be SO big! What am I talking about? Bunny prints, that's what. My mom never hid my Easter basket and I always wished she did. I decided long ago that I would hid the baskets, but last year I took it a step farther, further, farther? Which is correct? Hmmm, I dunno. I drew some bunny-shaped prints on a piece of paper and then photo copied it several times. I had full intentions of cutting the feet out, but after one set I decided that idea was over rated! So I grabbed my pink marker and traced them. I spread them all over the house in a trail that led the kids to the baskets. They LOVED it! This year I'm going to take it another step farther, further, farther? Shoot, I don't know the grammatically correct word there. I'm planning on making a cut out pattern and sprinkling a VERY light amount of flour to leave prints throughout the house. Low and behold after a bit of track following their baskets were found! I think this … [Read more...]