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Summer Fun Brought To You By GE® #spon

It was hot last week in Minnesota–the upper 90s with humidity making it feel like the 100s.  It was a good week to hang out in the air conditioned inside, or better yet, have fun at the pool and lake!  That’s exactly what my family did…

fun at the poolOn Wednesday, we went to our friend’s pool for the afternoon.  We had a ton of fun, stayed cool, got a lot of exercise, and thankfully, didn’t get a sunburn.  Tottie even jumped off the diving board for the very first time!

Thursday, Hubby had an unexpected day off of work so we headed out on our boat for the day.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky in the sunburn department that day (I even put sunscreen on!)…Luckily, the girls were ok.

Friday, was a mom’s “playdate” with all of Nutty’s friend’s moms.  We decided that since the girls have playdates so often, we needed one.  After work, I headed to her pool for margaritas.

Saturday, was fun in the sprinklers at another friend’s house…Yes, our swimsuits got a lot of wear this week!fun at the lake

You know what I didn’t do all week though?  Clean.  Yup.  My house is a MESS!  We were too busy having fun to worry about what the house looked like.  Of course, I’ll be making up for it this week but it was worth it.

My dishes, however, are clean thanks to my GE® Hybrid Stainless Steel Dishwasher.  Most of the week we ate off of paper plates but those few times we didn’t, I “hid” the dirty dishes in my dishwasher so my kitchen would look clean.  Once the dishwasher was full, I ran it, but “hid” the clean dishes in the washer because I didn’t have time to put them away.  Despite a week’s worth of crud sitting on the dishes, they still came clean!

Thank goodness for the simple things such as a good dishwasher so that we can have more summer fun!  Do you ever “hide” your dishes in the washer so you can do other things besides clean?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GE® appliances.  I was provided a dishwasher in exchange for writing posts about it.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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