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Summer Bucket List For Kids

One of the reasons this blog was started was to encourage me and my previous co-author to spend more quality time with our kids. I admit, work and social media have gotten away from me lately and quality time with my girls has been in short supply. This summer, I’m determined to unplug a bit more and spend face-to-face time with Kiki (aka Nutty) and TJ (aka Tottie). I came up with a summer bucket list for kids that should be fairly easy for the girls and me to complete this summer.

summer bucket list for kids

Our summer vacation is about 3 months long so I came up with 60 things for us to do. That equals 5 things a week. Totally accomplishable as we can double up on some of them. When my girls say, “I’m bored” I can point them to the summer bucket list and have them pick something to do off the list.

I think the two hardest things for us to complete will be geocaching and going to a baseball game but the girls haven’t done either of them before so I decided to add those as new things to try. They’ve also never cardboard slid down a hill but I have and I know they’ll love it! The neighbor’s hill is perfect and I’m sure they’ll join us.

You too can print our summer bucket list for kids and see how many you can get done this summer. Just click on the image below to download. Don’t forget to let me know how many you complete and if you had fun!

summer bucket list for kids.jpg

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