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Saying Good-Bye to Lindsi

Photo from Jamie
It is with sadness in my heart that I let you, our readers, know that I am leaving Toys In The Dryer. It is something that Jamie and I have discussed in length and we both agree that given personal circumstances, it is the best choice for me at this time. The majority of things will remain the same around here, you just won’t get my witty banter LOL. There will be a few minor changes but nothing extraordinary. You will continue to hear from me from time to time because I will “guest post” when I have the time to. Jamie will also be using some of my completed posts that are currently in draft.  Both Jamie and I have a mutual understanding that in the future I may come back full time, but for now I will take a step back.
Thank you to all of our loyal readers, we are SO grateful for your support, love and understanding.


  1. Ah, I’m sorry to hear this but I’m proud of you for doing what you need to for yourself…take good care.

  2. Lindsi, thank you for contributing to and building this wonderful site. I have enjoyed your “witty banter”. Good luck on your new endeavors.

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