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Pinned it, Did it- FAIL

It’s Lindsi here! Jamie is off to the land of bloggy camp! She’s attending a convention- in Chicago (anyone have a green crayon to color me with- green with envy)?

Christmas bulbs

I saw the coolest idea on Pintrest the other day and I thought “I have got to try that!” I have always thought it would look neat to hang some oversized Christmas bulbs from my window but couldn’t justify the cost (they’re darn expensive!). Pintrest to the rescue….or so I thought.  Someone purchased large styrofoam balls a their local craft store and spray painted them in the color they wanted. Then they added string to them and viola….over-sized Christmas bulbs!

Christmas bulbs

Off to the craft store I went…styrofoam balls and a can of gold spray paint……some fumes, a little box and annoyance later! I tried two times but each time the same thing happened. The spray paint ate through the styrofoam balls! Totally melted them along with my excitement!

Christmas bulbs

I considered trying one more time…but didn’t want to spend much on more styrofoam (plus think of that stuff sitting in a landfill!). I went to our local Dollar Tree and low and behold they had over-sized Christmas bulbs! So I snatched them up and left one happy camper! I like my dollar store bulbs waaaaaaaaaaaay better!

Christmas bulbs


  1. Beautiful, I did this last year at the library. I just used ornaments we already had, though. I love that you shared a fail. Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you want.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They make special spray paint for styrofoam but why bother.

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