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Pet Jellyfish in a Jar

Nutty and I had a half hour to ourselves the other day and she wanted to do something neat. Unfortunately a half hour is not a lot of time so I got on Pinterest to see if there was something quick we could try. I came across a jellyfish in a bottle. The site that the pin linked to only had photos that appeared to be from another blog so I will link to the pin and not the site.

jellyfish in a jar

We gathered our supplies of:

  • a clear plastic bag (we used a vegetable bag from the grocery store)
  • scissors
  • a jar
  • blue food coloring
  • floss to use as a tie (any string will work)

We then cut the bag to make it a little smaller because it was just too big.

jellyfish in a jar

Following the photos of the pin, we tied off part of the bag to make a “body” then began to cut the tentacles.

jellyfish in a jar

Here’s our jellyfish before we put it in the jar…yeah, I’ll get to this in a minute…

jellyfish in a jar

Time to fill up our jar and dye the water blue. Technically you don’t have to dye the water but it makes for a good effect. After the jar is near full, stuff the jellyfish into the jar then close it. Oops! We forgot to put a little bit of water in the “body” before we completely tied it off and stuffed it in the jar!

jellyfish in a jar

In hindsight, we should have cut out a lot of the tentacles and had just a few. Our jellyfish did NOT look as cool as the ones in the pin did and I think it was because we had too “fluffy” of an animal.

jellyfish in a jar

Nutty was a bit disappointed that our jellyfish did not turn out like the photos. I may have to try this again with less tentacles…

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