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Paper Pumpkins

This is a really easy and pretty cute little craft project you can do with your kiddos.
make a paper pumpkin
Cut several strips of colored card stock paper into 1 inch strips. I used my paper cutter cause it ensured they were the same width each time.
make a paper pumpkin
Using your paper puncher punch a hole in each end of the strip of paper until all of your pieces of paper have two holes.
make a paper pumpkin
String a green or brown ribbon (of your preference) through one end of the strips and knot.
make a paper pumpkin
Pull the ribbon tight so that you create a C-shaped stack of paper and knot the other end of the ribbon.
make a paper pumpkin
Fan out each piece of paper until you have a pumpkin shaped craft. Add more ribbon on top to create the leaves, if desired. (This project is great for little hand that need more fine motor skill activities).
make a paper pumpkin


  1. For some reason, I can never comment on the first post! Irritating. I just posted about raising a bilingual child because that is what my husband and I plan to do. Weird! In one study I read, there were no lags or delays seen in bilingual children and they said that it may be the child and not the fact that they are learning two languages. It is definitely something I will keep researching.

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