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Mini Caramel Apple Bites – Pinned it, Did it!

I hosted book club at my house last evening.  I decided to do fall themed food as the weather was cool.  On top of caramel cashew pretzels; meat, cheese and crackers; and baked brie bites (another Pinned it, Did it for later) I chose to try making mini caramel apple bites.  I found them on Pinterest but it was only a photo, it did not link to a website.  How hard could they be to make based on the photo??

mini caramel apple bites


Um, yeah, don’t let the photo above fool you…I’m bad at making regular caramel apples, let alone mini caramel apples!

2013-09-17 15.07.02


I got out my melon ball scoop and began to scoop out the apple.  This part wasn’t so bad and was actually kinda fun.  Tottie tried to do one but it was too hard for her.

The caramel part is where I had problems and thus have no photos.  I thought you simply melted the caramel and then dipped the apple pieces in.  Well, I tried that and the caramel was too think so I had to mold the caramel over each piece of apple (the above photo is the molded caramel).  That didn’t last long because it was so time consuming.

I then read the instructions on the caramel package and realized you had to add water to the caramel.  Ok, then…water added.  It seemed to work but then I put the apple pieces in the fridge to cool and all the caramel slid off of them!

2013-09-17 15.06.24After making a complete mess, I finally decided to just make mini caramel dippers.  I poured the melted caramel that slid off back into a bowl, left the apples plain, and served them as dippers.  My guests thought they were great anyway and my girls couldn’t get enough of them too!

I’d say this Pinned it, Did it was a semi-fail…

Have you made caramel apples with your kids?  How did it go?


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