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Make your own color/counting book

Have you ever considered making your own book for your baby? Most people would say “no” to this question. (and until this post I would have said no too!) It’s really easy and fun to do, plus it’s special because YOU made it! It requires little money too! BONUS!

counting color book

Here is all you need:

  • a camera
  • a photo book

To make your own counting book you simply find things around the house and lay them out and snap a photo.

make your own counting book

Once you are done with that (and you can go up as high as you want) you simply upload your photos to a photo editing site like: Picnik and add words to it.

make your own counting book
Print the photos and add them to a photo book. I got mine at the dollar store! Score!
make your own counting book

Making a color book is a little more work because you have to find multiple things for each color and so many things come in different shades of a similar color.

make your own counting book

You can even make your own “I Spy” book!  Simply put a bunch of stuff together, snap the photo then write a list of what they are suppose to find in the photo!



  1. What a great idea and tip to share. Thank you for sharing it at Sharing Saturday!

  2. Great idea! I bet your little one will really love this!

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