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Lovely Little Love Bugs

Welcome to day 11 of Toys In The Dryer 14 Days of Valentines! 
From January 25 through February 7 we’ll be posting non-stop Valentine’s posts to celebrate this lovely holiday.
love bugs

These little love bugs are REALLY easy to make and really fun too! It will only take a few minutes and a few supplies as well.

Here’s what you will need:
stapler (or glue)
pipe cleaner

love bugs

Cut out two hearts (one for each side of the love bug)
We cut out 48 hearts because we made 24 of these for my son’s class room door at school

love bugs

 Roll up a strip of construction paper or cardstock and secure with a few staples (or glue)

love bugs

Attach the “wings” by using the same method. Then color a face on each love bug. You will need to wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around a pencil to give it a curly cue shape and then secure them to the top of the love bug. Enjoy!

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14 days of valentines


  1. This is very cute!

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