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Left-over Halloween Candy Treats

Halloween is over and your kids collected TONS of candy.  What do you do with it all (besides simply eat it)?  Here are some fun (though still not healthy) ideas for left-over Halloween candy:

Cut up chewy or nuggety candy bars into bite sized pieces and bake them into the middle of a cupcake.  Frost the cupcake then crumble more of the candy bar on top.

Mix crumbled candy bars or smaller candies into ice cream, add a little milk, and blend it to make your own candy milkshake.

Mix crumbled candy bars, Reeces Pieces, M&Ms or similar candies into cookie dough and bake for an extra special cookie treat.

Break up chocolatey or caramely candies into small pieces and stir them into brownie dough.  Bake for a deliciously gooey brownie treat.

Make a candy pizza.  Just search “candy pizza” in your internet browser for a ton of different recipes.

Make this really awesome Halloween Candy Advent Calender or other cool things that I found at Alpha Mom. (This is something that is right up Lindsi’s alley.  Pretty sure as soon as she sees it she’ll want to make it herself!).

What other things have you done with your left-over Halloween candy?


  1. My daughter’s birthday is in about 2 months, so I pack up a good 3/4 of her Halloween candy to put in goodie bags and give to the kids who come to her birthday party.

  2. I love the ice cream idea… like making your own blizzard for a fraction of the cost!

  3. I love the ice cream idea… like making your own blizzard for a fraction of the cost!

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