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10 Tip For Traveling WITHOUT Your Kids

EEEK…there’s just 27 days until I leave for Brandcation #SeasTheDay aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas! I can not wait! No kids, no hubby, just a bunch of fellow bloggers like myself for an entire week!

how to travel without your kids

This will be the third time I have traveled without my kids since my first was born 7 years ago, and the second time I will travel internationally without them. The first time was to Kentucky for the weekend. That was hard because it was my first time away.  I left the girls in the capable hands of my husband (with help from his mom). The second time was on a Royal Caribbean cruise with Hubby this past August. That was even harder because we left our girls with grandma and grandpa and were unreachable for an entire week. This time I’m more experienced and am excited to get away. After all, sometimes we need a break!

For those of my readers who don’t travel without your kids, I highly suggest you do it every now and then. It’s amazing how much you appreciate them after being gone for a bit. Here’s some tips to help you feel better about traveling without your kids.

1) Prepare your kids.

How soon you prepare them depends on your children’s ages and their personalities. For younger kids, you can make a countdown ring until you leave and then another for when you come back. For older kids, you can mark off dates on a calender for both. However you prepare them, DO NOT tell them how much you will miss them or make a huge deal out of being gone. It will only cause worry and anxiety. Instead, focus on the fun things they will get to do while you are gone such as stay up later, eat more fun things for dinner, etc.

2) Pick a caregiver who your children are comfortable with

If at all possible, chose a caregiver your children know well and have already stayed with overnight. If they have never stayed overnight somewhere alone, do a trial night or two before your trip so they know what to expect.

3) Prepare your caregiver

If your caregiver doesn’t take care of your children on a regular basis they may need to know things such as

  • food allergies/diet restrictions and/or foods they strongly dislike
  • children’s medications
  • daily routines/schedules, including nap and bedtimes (and bedtime rituals)
  • how to use the car seats
  • best ways to comfort your children
  • where you keep your first aid supplies and medicines
  • who your children are or are not allowed to play with

4) Emergency contact information

You’ll want to leave a list of emergency contacts for your caregiver including (*only if your caregiver is staying at your house)

  • your children’s doctor
  • your children’s dentist
  • the nearest emergency room*
  • your local police and fire department*
  • your pharmacy
  • gas and electric emergency numbers*
  • poison control center
  • school/day care numbers
  • nearest relative
  • neighbor*
  • your vet and nearest emergency vet if they are also taking care of your pet
  • the best number to reach you (most places, even cruises, have emergency numbers that you can call and they will get ahold of you)

5) Health insurance and medical consent form

These are things that are often forgotten but are extremely important! Leave a copy of your health insurance cards with your caregiver. Also give them a signed medical consent form or consent to treat minor form. There are many out there if you Google it. You can also make your own. They can be as simple as this or as complicated as this. I personally like the second one better as it covers more. Your state may also have a general consent form (it’s best to check that first).

6) Make plans for your kids

So your kids don’t get bored while you are gone, leave a list of things they can do or make plans for them. Don’t forget to leave your library card or other membership cards. Make sure you have a list of friend’s phone numbers available too.

7) Leave your itinerary

Include all your flight information, hotel information, and plans for the days. If you are traveling to multiple destinations such as on a cruise, leave your excursion information too.

8) Leave your caregiver well prepared

Have your cupboards full of food you know your children will eat. Make sure their prescription medications are filled. Stock your medicine cabinet with over-the-counter medications if needed. Re-stock your first aid kit. Have sunscreen and insect repellent readily available in the summer and winter clothes readily available in the winter.

9) Last Will and Testiment

Ok, I know, morbid and not something you want to think about when you are planning a vacation. However, if you have one, leave it with your caregiver just in case. You never know what could happen.

10) DO NOT check in!

Yup, I said it. Do not check in. This is your vacation without your kids. Enjoy it, your kids are fine! In fact, they are probably enjoying their time without you just as much as you are enjoying it without them. If something major happens your caregiver will find you. Checking in might upset your kids (and you). If you absolutely must check in, do so briefly and just once a day max. Along the same line, do not talk about our kids while on the trip. This trip is yours. Focus on you!

There you have it. 10 tips for traveling without your kids. Did I miss anything?


  1. I do most of those, but I have to check in. I hate not being able to talk to them.

  2. I agree with all of this (even the health care proxy!) except the last one. We call either right after school or right before bedtime. Our kids really appreciate being able to talk to us even if it’s just for a few minutes and I like knowing they are all set. I won’t talk with my almost 2 year old though because he will have a melt down and that’s hard on him AND whom ever is watching them.

  3. I once traveled with out my kids and it was great. I had lots of me time

  4. Traveling without kids? That is a vague memory for me. Sigh. One day!

  5. What a great list and I absolutely can’t wait until I have a chance to make one just like it… *lol*

  6. I <3 it! Vacation WITHOUT my kids? I think I can do it all but NOT check in. I just have to or I will worry and fret and NOT relax 🙂 Can't wait to see you there!

  7. Great tips!!!!! We try to follow all those when we go out of town. We also always try to leave them with family so they are super comfortable.

  8. I could do all but #10. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear all about Brandcation!

  9. Just in time for travel time. Thank you for the good tips.

  10. I can’t wait to follow along on your trip! You are going to have so much fun.

  11. It takes a lot of planning to leave my kiddos and I miss them when I’m away but the breaks are few and far between so I definitely enjoy them!

  12. Lots of great tips! I wish I could take a trip (or two) without my kids.

  13. Hahah do not check in! Love that, but I also love how you said to prepare your caregiver! Great tips, especially for someone who isn’t used to watching your kids 100% of the time!

  14. The hardest part for me is not THINKING about the kids!

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