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How to Pamper Yourself on Mother’s Day (and involve your kids!)

If your husband/significant other is anything like mine or Lindsi’s you already know you won’t be getting much (if anything) for Mother’s Day.  Don’t worry, we’ve got ways for you to pamper yourself on Mother’s Day while also involving your kids (in most cases).

How to pamper yourself on Mother's Day

Let your kids paint your nails.

It doesn’t have to be pretty but it will be fun!  Let your kids wash your feet and put lotion on them for a full pedicure!

Take a bath while your kids watch a movie.

 Ok, so this one doesn’t involve your kids but it does keep them occupied while you get some quiet time.  Rent a movie they’ve never seen so that it keeps their attention.

Let your kids style your hair.

I don’t know about you but I love when my girls play with my hair!!

Have your kids draw shapes on your back.

Your kids draw shapes on your back while you try to guess what shape it is.  It’s like a mini massage!

Let your kids make you lunch.

Grab the bread, peanut butter, and jelly.  Sit back and have your kids make your sandwich and their sandwich for you.

Take your kids to the park.

 Bring a book for yourself.

Buy flowers for yourself, let your kids pick them out.

Self explanatory.

Take your kids to the smoothie store.

Nothing better than a refreshing smoothie!

Let your kids put make up on you.

  It won’t be pretty but it will make a good photo of yourself!

Go outside and watch the clouds.

Relax and enjoy a conversation with your kids.

What do you do to pamper yourself on Mother’s Day?  Do you do things that involve your kids?

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