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Birthdays with “The Twin Factor”

Twin Birthday PartyMore often than not I am asked about my twins and how alike they really are.  In a factual sense of the term they are twins: they were born on the same day, from the same mother and they shared the womb. But beyond that they really are quite different (besides the obvious that they are different genders).  They enjoy each others company and they are pretty protective of each other, which I think is adorable, and they are generally a terrific two-some. fraternal twins, twin birthdays

For the first 4 years of their lives I was able to squeak in my own personal preference for “twin-ness” by hosting their birthday parties with themes (prince and princess, monkeys, spring theme and last year was all about the number four). This year, however, it slapped me in the face when it came to their differences. I will admit my heart was a little broken when I realized what was occurring, they were asserting themselves in their own right.  They are in different pre-school classrooms this year and therefore they each got to pick out a birthday cake to share with their friends at school. My daughter picked out the most girlie cake possible with flowers, princesses, and sparkles. My son on the other hand-picked out a cake that was filled with greens, browns, tie dye swirls and of course Scooby Doo.

What’s a type-a, OCD girl to do? I certainly can’t force them to pick out a cake together…and to be honest, I wouldn’t.  But given the fact that they each “needed” a cake for school and then the drama continued with their birthday party, we ended up with FOUR cakes! $90 worth of frosted goodness!

The point? I learned that it truly is OK if they each want their own cakes and in all honesty it makes them happy, thus I am happy!

Twin Birthdays, Fraternal Twins, Twins

If you have twins, how similar or different are they?

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