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Hard Rock World Burger Tour Review #WorldBurgerTour

Last week I introduced you to Hard Rock Cafe’s World Burger Tour burgers. Today, I’m sharing with you my family’s thoughts on some of those burgers. A gift card for my family to eat, gift pack giveaway, and burger information have been provided to me by Hard Rock International. All opinions are my own.

As you know, my family already loves Hard Rock Cafe so when we were asked to try the limited time World Burger Tour burgers, we didn’t hesitate to say “yes!”. Hubby and I took a look at the burgers on the tour website ahead of time and decided which ones we thought we’d like. They all sounded super interesting.

World Burger Tour

I couldn’t decide between the Java Lava Burger and the Tandoori Chicken Burger. Espresso rub on a burger? Add in cheddar cheese and bacon? *drooling* I could go without the fried jalapeno on top though. That’s the Java Lava. Mint mayo and cucumbers sounded really fresh and summery on the Tandoori Chicken Burger.

Hubby thought he’d like the Jamaican Jerk Burger or the Aloha Burger. Mango and jalapeno cream cheese with jerk mayo is right up his alley though spam and pineapple on a burger sounded intriguing.

World Burger Tour

We were both a little disappointed when we arrived at Hard Rock, Mall of America and discovered that the Java Lava and Aloha Burger were not on the menu. The World Burger Tour website does say that not all burgers are available in all locations. Hey, at least it made our decisions easy because the Tandoori Chicken and Jamaican Jerk burgers were on the menu! I don’t know what I would have chosen if it weren’t for the Tandoori Chicken. All the rest of the burgers on our menu looked too spicy for my taste. I wish they would have had more of a mixture of burgers instead of a bunch of spicy ones.

World Burger TourRemind me not to let Hubby take photos of his food next time.
The Tandoori Chicken Burger did NOT disappoint! Definitely fresh and summery though horribly messy to eat. I didn’t really taste a whole lot of mint but that’s ok. Hubby said the Jamaican Jerk burger was just the right amount of spice. A slight kick but not overly spicy. Neither of us even thought to order the dipping sauce that went with our fries/burger. I don’t know why.

World Burger Tour

Even TJ got in on the burger trying (though she just ordered a cheese burger from the kid’s menu).

The limited time Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour menu is only available through June 30, 2016 so if you want to try any of these unique burgers visit your local Hard Rock before then. I know we’ll be back as Hubby wants to try a different burger. I think I’ll stick with the Tandoori Chicken though.

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