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Hand Print Sunflowers

Ready for a super easy, super cute, super fun craft? Hand Print Sunflowers!
handprint crafts

Here is what you will need:
a small paper plate
yellow construction paper
green construction paper
brown construction paper (or a brown marker)
sunflower seeds

Have your child trace their hand (or help them if they are too young) on the yellow construction paper and make 5-6 different tracings. Help your child cut each hand out carefully. Glue (or tape) each hand to the back of the plate leaving a little space for the stem.

handprint crafts

Glue or tape a green strip of construction paper to the base, this will serve as the stem of the sunflower.

handprint crafts

Next flip the plate over and color in the plate with a brown marker or cut a circle of brown construction paper to fit on the inside of the plate.

Smear glue all over the brown part of the plate and sprinkle sunflower seeds all over. And now you have an adorable Sunflower to add to your collection!

handprint crafts

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