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Gross Touch Guessing Game for Halloween

Having a Halloween party this year?  You’ll need some fun things to do and we’ve got a great game to play!  It’s a gross touch guessing game.

gross touch halloween guessing game

Here’s what you’ll need:

Grapes as eyeballs–Pealed grapes make the perfect eyeballs.  Pull/break (not cut) few apart so that they can feel the inside of the eyeball too.  Add a little bit of corn syrup to the bowl to make it even more slimy/gross.

Spaghetti as intestines–Cooked, room temp (thick) spaghetti noodles feel like intestines when you put your hands into them.

Corn syrup as blood–A bowl full of warm corn syrup makes the perfect pool of blood.

Tomatoes as hearts–Peel a tomato and it will feel like a heart in your hand.

Cauliflower as a brain–Cooked cauliflower with a little corn syrup or oil over it feels like a brain.

Un-popped popcorn as teeth–Nothing like putting your hand into a bowl full of “teeth.”

Dried apricots as ears–Add just a tiny bit of oil to slime up dried apricots and they’ll feel like cut off ears.

Hot dogs as fingers–cut or break hot dogs in half.  Cut a few small slits in them width ways to make it feel like a knuckle.  Insert a sliced almond in the tip for a finger nail.  Add a little bit of oil or corn syrup to feel like blood.

Thread as hair–A bowl full of cut up thread pieces makes great hair.  Add oil to slime it up a bit and make it even more gross.

Chicken bones as bone fragments–Obviously chicken bones are smaller than our bones so these are bone fragments.

Liver as liver–Duh!  You can also do a slab of Jello as liver if liver itself is too expensive or too hard to find.

Here’s how you play the game:

  1. Put everything in a bowl
  2. Blind fold each child
  3. For older children, have them put their hand in each bowl and try to figure out what body part they are touching.
  4. For younger children, simply tell them what body part they are touching.
  5. Sit back and watch the looks on their faces!
  6. Make sure to have paper towels or a sink available to wash off their hands between bowls and make sure to thoroughly wash their hands after they are done.


  1. This takes me back to my childhood! The grape eyeballs are classic. I am so glad that I connected with you through Bloggy Boot Camp!

  2. I did this at my school halloween party and it was a big success. We put everything in bowls and blindfolded the kids. Then the kids got to guess the items. We got lots of screaming EWWWW ,GROSS, and YUCK. They were so scared that we let them see their hands after they were done. It was so funny wer’e doing it again next year

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