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Fun Stuff Fridays (#11)

Welcome to Fun Stuff Fridays. We had over 300 submissions last week! WAY TO GO! You might wonder if we look at them all….and the answer is YES! We DO go through every sing one and check them out. We figure if you take the time to submit then we can take the time to visit! We love seeing what our readers have been up to and cannot wait to share some of our favorites! Wanna know more about our linky? Click on “Fun Stuff Fridays” above, then “about”. We wish we could feature all of them! Can’t wait to see your amazing submissions this week! Feel free to submit as many ideas as you want over that time. And remember- spread the word!
One thing we’ve added is something that we hope you will like. We’ve been pinning each weeks featured picks into their very own Pintrest board! We hope it brings you loads of linky love….you’ve earned it! You can find our Featured Pintrest Board HERE!
Our joint favorite pick was the Quiet Time Bags submitted by My Oatmeal Kisses. We love anything having to do with quiet time! We love that you chose to hang them in the closet for easy access! Snaps to you! We’ve been inspired to create our own!
Jamie’s number one pick was Paper Airplane Target submitted by Repeat Crafter Me.  Super cute, super easy, and super fun! My girls like paper airplanes but usually we just throw them around the house. It would be fun to have something to aim at. If you don’t have a staircase to throw from you could stand on a chair and throw from a distance. You could even take this idea outside on a warmer day!
Lindsi’s number one pick was 3 day potty training submitted by Lifestyles of the Stay-at Home Mom. If I am being honest, and I am, I have a nearly 4 year old son who hasn’t had one success on the potty and I feel like we are never going to get there. These tips, tricks, and steps are something I am going to go ahead and try. Here’s hoping and crossing my fingers and toes!
Want to know what the most clicked on submission was? It was 75 Awesome Valentine’s Day Free Printables!

Fun Stuff Fridays Fun Stuff Fridays
Fun Stuff Fridays Fun Stuff Fridays

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