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Fun Last Day of School Activities for Those Who Walk

In my neighborhood area most kids walk to and from school (including mine). On any given school day there are at least 30 kids who meet at the 4-way stop for the crossing guards to let them onto school grounds. This year, I’ve decided to do at least one (if not all) of these last day of school activities for the kids who walk. I can’t wait!

last day of school activities

Though I say that these activities are for kids who walk to and from school, you CAN do some of them for bus stop kids too.

Shhhh…don’t tell my girls or their friends. It’s going to be a surprise! I’m gonna need some help from a few parents (or the older kids in the neighborhood who get out earlier) to pull off the last one though!

Last Day of School Activities

Hand Out Freezies

What kid doesn’t like freezies? They are fairly inexpensive and are mostly allergy-free. Hand them out to the kids as they walk home for a nice last day of school treat.

last day of school activities

Decorate the Walking Paths or Sidewalks

Grab some sidewalk chalk and get to decorating! Phrases like “Welcome To Summer!, School’s Out!, and Another Year Done!” will be fun for the kids to see. Add some sun and flowers and you’ll have as much fun decorating as the kids will seeing what you’ve done! Don’t forget to put the words in the direction the kids walk 🙂

last day of school activities

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Water Gun Blast

This requires a little pre-planning with fellow parents or older kids who are at home already. It also requires that your walking paths or sidewalks have some places to hide. Grab a bunch of water guns and ambush the kids as they walk home. To make it fair, you can have a few random water guns or water balloons near the walking path so that the kids can grab them and fight back!

What last day of school activities do you have planned for your kids?


  1. Natalie Capps says

    Love these ideas! I might have to be there!

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