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Fantastic Trip Destination With Kids In Paris

This is a guest post. Views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Toys In The Dryer authors.


Images by Moyan Brenn used on the Creative Commons license.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Paris, a European city that’s rich in history, adorned with beautiful architecture, alive with green spaces and home to world-famous cuisine. With some of the best art galleries and museums in the world, many a cultural day can be spent visiting these institutions. Adults won’t even notice the time pass by but there are only so many Monet paintings your kids can look at before getting a little bit bored. Take a look at these great ideas about how to spend time with the kids on trips to Paris.

Parks aplenty…

The parks of Paris don’t only look the part, they play an integral part to the feel good atmosphere of the city. The Jardin de Luxembourg is a great spot for taking a picnic and sitting on the grass or even pulling up a few chairs that are available for the public to relax on. There’s a big play area for kids to have some fun in and even a 19th century carousel. Tennis playing families can take advantage of the courts! The Jardin de Tuileries is another favorite spot that leads from the Louvre to the Arc de Triomphe – a good pitstop. There is a pond for kids to feed the ducks in or even play with toy sailboats (on Wednesdays only). The Champ de Mars needs no introduction and although there is not much activity tailored to kids here, their eyes will be fixed on the Eiffel Tower that shadows them.

Rainy days…

Despite its reputation for being practically perfect, the rain still falls in Paris. But there is still lots to do if it does! Spot sea life at the Aquarium de Paris, which features a Cinéaqua (an aquarium and a two-screen cinema!), a shark tunnel and a window showing fish of the River Seine. Another great way to pass the time is by finding a good eating spot. The hot chocolate at Angelina’s is a hit with everyone who tries it or you can fill up on a proper meal at one of the traditional brasseries that are spotted on every street corner. Families can also catch a film in English at cinemas found in Châtelet and on the Champs-Elysées.

ParisImages by @lain G, plus très présent used on the Creative Commons license.

Let them eat cake…

These infamous words were apparently said by France’s ‘Queen of Debt’ Marie Antoinette. As well as a bad reputation for spending money, she also left behind the exquisite Versailles chateaux, complete with mammoth sized grounds that are home to: two more ‘Trianons’, perfectly preened gardens with a lake and even a tiny hamlet. You can walk around the hamlet’s farm and see the goats, chickens and rabbits. Then you can hire out a boat on the lake, stop for food at one of the cafes or climb aboard the mini train. Fill kids in on the gruesome history of the revolution and how the palace was attacked by mobs – they will love it!

These are only a handful of suggestions. To see all of the landmarks, take the kids on a bus or boat cruise for an extra fun factor. They’ll learn all about the city on the way and prices are pretty moderate. For a big treat, there is always Disneyland Paris, which might be costly but is so worth it.

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