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Pizza-Style Manicotti–Pinned it, Did it!

I’m always on the hunt for easy, kid-friendly, but delicious dinners for my family. When I came across this Pizza-Style Manicotti recipe from Taste of Home I pinned it and knew I had to try it!
Easy Pizza-Style Manicotti Dinner
It only takes 8 simple ingredients and your kids can easily help you make it. My 4 year old (oh wait, almost 5 year old!) had so much fun “making this dinner herself” as she poured the sauce in the pan, rolled the string cheese and stuffed it into the shells herself.  She even wanted to take her own photo of the finished dinner…

2013-10-01 17.19.24
…guess she’s not as good at photography as she is at “baking”!

Anyway, my family gave this recipe a huge thumbs up and we’ll definitely be eating it again! Next time, however, I think I might need to make two pans of it!

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