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Easy Oreo Truffles

Are you looking for some easy, last minute Christmas cookies to make with your kids? These Oreo Truffles are perfect! Not only are they simple with just three ingredients, they are also super fun to make!

Easy last minute Christmas cookies

Those three ingredients you’ll need?  One package of Oreo cookies, one 8 oz brick of cream cheese, and 2-3 bricks of white baker’s chocolate.  Red or peppermint sprinkles are optional.

easy Christmas cookies1)  Start by crushing the whole package of cookies into crumbs.  You can hand crush them, but using a food processor or blender works best.



easy Christmas cookies2) Next soften the cream cheese and blend it well with the Oreos.




easy Christmas cookies3) Take a spoon full at a time of the Oreo-cream cheese mixture and roll them into balls. Set aside on a cookie sheet until you have rolled all of the mixture into balls. Put the balls in the refrigerator until hard (about 1/2 hr).


easy Christmas cookies4) Using a double boiler, melt the white chocolate. If you don’t have a double boiler (we don’t), you can put a glass bowl in a pot of boiling water.



easy Christmas cookies5) Using a fork, scoop up an Oreo mixture ball and slowly dip it into the white chocolate and turn to coat. If the balls are not hard, they may fall apart and crumble into your chocolate so make sure the balls are hard before you do this step. Once coated, scoop up the ball and transfer it onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet to harden.

6) Optional step: While the chocolate is still wet on the balls, sprinkle them with red or peppermint sprinkles.

7) Put the cookie sheet full of truffles into the fridge to completely harden.

8) Enjoy!

Please note that because of the cream cheese, these cookies are not ideal for leaving out on a platter all day.  They should be stored in the refrigerator.

What easy Christmas cookies do you make with your kids?

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