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Easy New Year’s Game for Kids and Adults

It’s been a tradition over the past 3-4 years to go to my neighbor’s house for New Year’s Eve. We hang out as families, chat, and play games. Last year my neighbor had a new game that I thought was so fun I’d share it with you.

Easy New Year's Game

It’s a super easy New Year’s game for kids and adults to play and as a bonus, it’s easy to set up too! You just need:

  • balloons (one for every hour of your party plus 2 extra)
  • a permanent marker
  • paper
  • string
  • something sharp like a pin
  • confetti (optional)

Basically, you make a string of balloons across the room. Every hour of your party you pop a balloon and do the activity that is inside. The last hour (11-midnight) you pop a balloon every 15 minutes.

1) Start by making slips to go in each balloon. You’ll need one for each hour of your party plus two more. The slips should have activities written on them such as:

  • write down your New Year’s resolutions
  • turn on/up the radio and sing along to the first song you hear
  • do 10 sit-ups and 10 push-ups
  • do the chicken dance

Any activity you can think of you can write on the slips. Customize them to the people and ages of your party. You can even look on Pinterest for Minute-To-Win-It type games.

New Year's Game

2) Put your slips in each balloon and then blow them up.

3) Write the hours on your balloons. On your last hour, do a balloon for 11, 11:30, 11:45 and Midnight. In the midnight balloon, you can put confetti if you want.

4) String up your balloons across your room.

New Years game

5) Every hour of your party, pop a balloon and do the activity. Easy peasy, and fun!

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