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Easy DIY Giant Slip and Slide

My neighborhood has a block party every summer (more to come on that later). Last summer we decided to save a little money and do something other than a dunk tank for water fun. My neighbor has a nice sized hill in their back yard so we decided to do a giant slip and slide!
giant slip and slide
Let me tell you, the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids did!!

To make your own giant slip and slide you’ll need:

  • A roll of heavy duty plastic such as plastic sheeting
  • Some type of steaks such as tent stakes or garden steaks
  • A sprinkler
  • A decent sized hill

Simply steak down the plastic, set up the sprinkler so that the water lands on the plastic, wait for it to get wet, then slide down!  If you want it to be slightly more slippery, you can add some Dawn dish soap along the plastic.

In all fairness, I do have to give some warnings about this giant slip and slide…

giant slip and slide
Once the slip and slide has been used a couple of hundred of times and the ground is patted down, it gets SUPER slippery! This is a photo of my husband on it after all the kids were done with it (and in bed for the night). He is flying off the plastic and into the grass!

giant slip and slide
Again, after the kids use it a couple of hundred times and the adults use it a couple hundred times more (not joking!), your ground might look like this in the morning…(After a while, the guys had fun avoiding the asphalt and seeing who could make it the farthest in the grass next to the asphalt).

Back to the kids though…the giant slip and slide is super easy to do, super fun, and entertainment for hours! Do you think your kids might like it?


  1. This would be awesome! Now to friend a neighbor with a hill…..

    • dianasue eckenrode says

      Our Church in Mo does this all summer, they use baby shampoo to prevent eye burning. Your right about the adults mine is 6’4 and insisted He had to take our 3yr down the steet hill.