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Dollar Store Advent Ideas

For $24 you can create your own Advent Calendar. I have done something similar each year with my kids. Last year we purchased 24 books and wrapped them all and let them unwrap one each night. It was so much fun. This year we decided to hit up our local Dollar Store. Here are 24 ideas for creating a Dollar Store Advent.

241. Rainbow Loom bracelets are all the rage right now. Dollar stores across the country have the rubber bands!

232. Flash Cards- just because they’re on vacation doesn’t mean the learning has to stop!

223. Foam balls are a huge hit in our house.

21 4. You can never go wrong with bubbles! If it’s cold enough try making some frozen bubbles.

205. Jump Rope- seriously classic toys are still the best!

196. Another classic, paddle boards.

187. Add a little sunshine to a gloomy December day! Bendable flower pens!

178. Coloring and activity books are always a hot commodity in our house.

169. Every year they come out with new Holiday and Christmas books…for a dollar a piece you can’t go wrong.

1510. Glow in the Dark- do I need to explain more?

1411.  Keep those tootsies warm in the winter with some cute slippers

1312. Wool socks + Winter = toasty warm feet!


1213. We always keep extra mittens and gloves around for the billions that go missing each year!

1114. Perfect for the friend who stops by and forgets their hat!

1015. Candy canes, need I justify this one?


16. Dollar Store games- who cares if they lose the pieces, it was a buck!

817. Dinosaurs- perfect for my three boys!

718. Disney themed puzzles! Boys, girls and everyone else!

619. A new mug for all that hot cocoa you’re making!

520. Holiday themed erasers

421. Perfect for the long trip to Grandma’s house

322. Activity books- uh, duh!

223. Rubix Cubes! Hours of frustration and entertainment

124. 50 nifty United States puzzles!


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