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Color By Number Valentines

Last year, as I was looking for Valentine inspiration on Pinterest, I came across these color by number valentines. I thought they were cool and was pretty sure I could make my own version. After all, I’m pretty ok at making graphics…

color by number valentines

So…I sat down with my graphic photo editing software and began to design…and then erase, design again…and erase. Why couldn’t I get mine to look as awesome as her’s??

Color By Number Valentines

I mean, look at her’s above, now look at my two attempts below…

color by number valentines

Um, yeah, can we say fail??

The first one has just too much going on and the spaces are too small. In trying to hide the word love, I made a mess out of it. My second one wasn’t looking too bad, but I could not come up with a way to hide the hearts. It was going to end up looking like a big ole mess just like the first one. Plus, this was taking way to long to do!

So…I give up. I admit my failure. Please go visit RustandSunshine.com to print her version of these awesome color by number valentines. They are WAY better than mine!!

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