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Celery Rose Stationary- Mother’s Day

mothers day crafts

Not too long ago I was chopping up some celery for dinner. I grabbed the stock and sliced off the base of the celery and set it aside. A few minutes hours later I looked at that left over end of the celery stalk and saw a rose. A rose? Yup, a rose! I’ve seen people use potatoes as stamps for projects so I thought that maybe it would be alright to use some celery, right?
All you need to make the cutest Rose Stamped Stationary for Mother’s Day is celery, paper, and paint!

Cut the end of the stalk of celery off and dab it dry on a paper towel.

mothers day crafts

Dip the celery stalk in red paint and have your child stamp it on the paper. Use their thumb or finger to make the leaves with green paint. It’s THAT easy! I wish i had more photos to share with you but somewhere between cutting the celery and the final product I forgot to pick up my camera again. Hope you have time to make these and will share with us how it went.


  1. Love it!

  2. Love it! I love your site too!

  3. Highland Monkey's says

    That’s a pretty neat idea.

  4. Aiming4Simple says

    Romaine lettuce also works.

    What a lovely print you made!

  5. Adorable, will have to buy some celery so we can do this!

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