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Celebrating Memorial Day with Kids

Most people consider Memorial Day the unofficial kick-off to summer. In the midst of BBQs, camping, beach time, and other patriotic fun, we often forget forget the real reason why we celebrate Memorial Day – to honor those who sacrificed their lives while serving in our military.

memorial day with kids

This year, in addition to playing some patriotic games, take time to try at least one of these ideas to help your kids learn that Memorial Day is not just a day off of school for a BBQ…

Send a letter of thanks

If you know a family who has lost a loved one in the military, write a letter of thanks to them. Thank them for allowing their relative to serve our country and remind them that the loss of their relative will not be forgotten.

Visit a Veteran’s cemetery

Bring flowers to decorate the grave of someone who may not have family to decorate it for them. Walk through the cemetery and look at names and dates of birth/death.

Learn about real Heroism

Visit the U.S. Department of Defense and learn about the medals of valor awarded to our military. Let your children know that sometimes these awards are given to people after they die.

Pause for the National Moment of Remembrance

The National Moment of Remembrance was established by Congress in 2000. At 3 pm local time, take one minute to pause and remember those who sacrificed their lives.

Raise a flag

In addition to raising the American Flag, also raise a POW/MIA flag as a reminder of those who haven’t made it home.

Attend a memorial service

Many Veteran’s groups as well as some churches hold memorial services to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.


Donate to your favorite Veteran’s organization or to something like The Memorial Day Foundation.

What are you doing to help your children learn the real reason for Memorial Day?